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Four budget developments you need to know

Some of the key differences between the parties involved in discussions.

GOP opposition spells trouble for OMB nominee

Senate Budget Committee barely backs Heather Higginbottom to be the agency's deputy director on a party-line 11-10 vote.

Progress reported in spending deal talks

Avoiding a shutdown may hinge on Democrats' willingness to move toward Boehner's $40 billion spending-cut offer.

Hundreds of thousands of feds face furloughs

Senior administration official says about 800,000 employees could be furloughed during a government shutdown.

Frustrated Obama calls leaders back to White House

Meeting is the latest effort to avert a government shutdown.

An Intruding World

Americans cannot afford to ignore debt crises in Europe and democracy movements in the Middle East.

House GOP to offer one-week stopgap spending measure

Funding bill would prevent a shutdown at the end of this week and fund the Defense Department for the rest of the year.

House budget chair offers plan with $6 trillion in cuts

Sweeping reductions in government, safety net contrast with Obama's plan, but revenue assumptions and deficit estimates may not be credible.

Boehner: No budget deal

Continuing resolution is not scheduled for vote.