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Defense and State brace for surge in Afghanistan contracting

Officials assure lawmakers they have strategies to steer clear of the waste, fraud and abuse that plagued Iraq procurements.

Senate leader's Christmas wish list is growing

Sen. Harry Reid wants the chamber to pass a continuing resolution, short-term debt limit increase, Defense spending bill and health care overhaul before the holiday.

House passes Defense spending bill, riders

Chamber also approves five-day continuing resolution to keep the Pentagon running until the Senate passes and the president signs the appropriations measure.

Veterans Affairs’ acquisition practices come under fire

Inefficiencies and fraud in contracting programs lead lawmakers to weigh legislation updating the department’s business practices.

Real Slippage

The president’s approval ratings have moved down a notch or two in recent weeks.

Fight over tanker pact puts two nominations in limbo

Alabama senator is blocking the nominations of Erin Conaton as the Air Force's No. 2 civilian leader and Frank Kendall as Defense acquisition and technology chief.

Watchdog urges Postal Service managers to support cost-cutting initiative

Without better leadership, USPS won’t reap the full benefits of a program to avoid giving injured employees busy work, GAO says.

Senators: Army needs better info about soldiers

After Pentagon briefing on Fort Hood shootings, chairman and ranking member of Homeland Security panel conclude Army needs to upgrade its personnel policies.

IG will investigate whether department misused funds

Lawmaker wants probe into whether administration misused federal money when Education officials pushed schools to change how they make student loans.

Senator asks IRS to report on contractors’ unpaid taxes

Top Republican on Finance Committee wants figures on delinquent Medicare and Medicaid health care providers.