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Government workers say they're more content -- except in the workplace

Public sector employees scored slightly higher than private-sector counterparts on overall well-being in a new Gallup poll.

Senate cancels recess, but what will it do?

Democrats want to show they're on the job in what was scheduled to be a recess week, but what will they actually do?

Justice to drop investigations into CIA officials involved in torture

Department will continue to investigate those responsible for detainee deaths.

Gates leaves the Pentagon with his final legacy unclear

Outcomes of two major initiatives -- the war in Afghanistan and Defense budget cuts -- remain to be seen.

Fire near Los Alamos National Lab jumps 25% to 93,000 acres

Hazardous materials are safe, accounted for and protected, a spokesman says, but the nuclear lab will remain closed.

FBI probing possible contracting fraud at Arlington Cemetery

A federal grand jury in Alexandria, Va., has been subpoenaing witnesses and records.

HHS calls off 'mystery shopper' program to investigate doctors

Plan had been criticized by physicians and lawmakers.

Obama casts debt-ceiling talks as clash of the classes

In the president's world, Democrats are for kids and Republicans are for corporate jets.

CBO throws wet blanket on proposal to sell federal properties

Letter to House oversight chairman says OMB’s plan for a new board gives agencies scant incentive to unload underused buildings.

Treasury Secretary Geithner would allocate limited funds if the debt limit isn't raised.

Debt ceiling debate threatens federal pay and benefits

Prioritizing government spending could force cuts in agency operations and employee salaries, report finds.