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From Nextgov.com: HHS head calls for voluntary e-health privacy guidelines

Leavitt says government mandates for guarding private medical information in personal electronic records could stymie the adoption of e-health record systems ...

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GOP fires salvos over attorney general nomination, January hearing

Republican senators fault Judiciary Committee leader for moving quickly on hearing, despite a request from the panel's ranking member for more time to review ...

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Former patent officials say backlog should become a top priority

The Patent and Trademark Office has 700,000 applications in need of processing, not including those currently being reviewed.

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Self-reporting rule for contractors takes effect

Companies now must disclose certain violations to inspectors general.

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White House suggests it might use TARP funds for auto makers

The Bush administration is motivated by fear that a bankruptcy filing by at least one of the Big Three could reverberate throughout the economy.

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Future of Obama's Web communications debated

The Presidential Records Act could cause a shift in the president-elect's online strategy.

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From Nextgov.com: OMB enhances investment tracking tool, but criticisms linger

Web site allows the public to monitor technology initiatives, but doesn’t provide details on why some projects end up on watch lists.

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Louisiana senator endorses FEMA independence

Democrat Mary Landrieu says she is "open" to concept if Obama were to support it.

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Senate removes pay roadblock for Clinton move to State

The position's salary was decreased to adhere to rule barring lawmakers from taking government jobs for which the pay was raised during their current term in ...

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Murtha targets military bonuses for fiscal 2010 cuts

Defense appropriations subcommittee chairman says bonuses are one area that could produce savings as forces are drawn down in Iraq.

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