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How Baseball Is Different From Politics

Explaining Palin's decline in popularity by analogy to statistical scoring methods on the diamond.

Biden talks intensify; Gang of Six considers options

Groups are seeking way to conquer debt limit, deficit.

Education considers buyouts

Department is weighing whether to join a growing list of federal agencies attempting to downsize in response to budget pressures.


Former Fed chairman backs new plan for overhauling government

Volcker and Sen. Warner welcome NYU professor’s plan to save $1 trillion by reorganizing to attack waste.

Panetta confirmed as Defense secretary

He will be tasked with implementing the start of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

Gen. Petraeus would endorse 30,000 troops home by end of 2012

The commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan is expected to be confirmed by September as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Environmentalists hail Grand Canyon ruling

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's plan bans uranium mining on more than one million acres around the Arizona site.

Misconduct could cost SEC its building leasing authority

House panel pursues reports of waste and criminal acts in abandoned bid to make Constitution Center the agency’s headquarters.


Pain of Defense service contractor cuts might not be felt evenly

Spending decreases in Senate policy bill wouldn’t necessarily result in across-the-board pay or hiring freezes, industry reps say.

Biden deficit group gives itself July 1 deadline

The six lawmakers are aiming to either reach an agreement or decide their differences are too substantial to reconcile.