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'Government activism' holding back recovery, Greenspan Says

The economic crisis may have “cast doubt” on competitive markets, but intervention tends to “hobble markets” rather than fix them, the former Fed chairman wrote in an article.

Spending bills face new roadblocks in Senate

Republicans' letter announces intent to block legislation that adds new spending without offsets, program review.

Republicans reject White House offer on funding deal

GOP leaders are dismissing the Obama administration's proposed $6.5 billion in cuts as "status quo" and insufficient.


OPM clarifies leave policies for feds

Employees who wish to head home during an emergency before their designated early departure time can ask for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework.

Lawmakers propose improvements to intern hiring process

Bill would require agencies to track quality of internship programs and share information about strong candidates.

Report portrays SSA contract security guards as Keystone Kops

Inspector general auditors discovered guards on hourlong telephone calls, watching TV and absent from their posts.

Reid aims for Tuesday test votes on GOP, Dem spending measures

Majority leader does not expect House-passed bill containing Republican spending cuts to pass.

Battles over employee bargaining rights escalate

Wisconsin, it seems, is just the beginning.

Fight over future of Saturday mail delivery continues

Resolution calls on USPS to preserve current schedule as agency faces growing financial crisis.

Former Rep. Tom Davis: “Congress created the many-headed monster we bemoan.”

Lawmakers agree on getting rid of overlapping programs

But committee members differ on exactly where to begin responding to detailed report from GAO.