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Senate panelists debate independence of proposed board to sell property

Obama plan for civilian-style BRAC divides stakeholders on oversight and priority of helping the homeless.

Defense nominee backs prompt global strike effort

Panetta wants capability to deliver conventional warheads to any point in the world.

Agency awards grant for developing nuclear security expertise

The $25 million award will primarily aid graduate students and researchers working on nuclear nonproliferation and security.

Biden to unveil new plan to cut government waste

The vice president’s initiative will draw from Recovery Act efficiency efforts.

Third rating company threatens to downgrade U.S. credit

Fitch Ratings says it will put the United States on watch.

National Counterterrorism Center head to leave

Michael Leiter served in the Bush and Obama administrations.

IRS commissioner warns against cutting his budget

Shulman tells Senate panel his agency collects $200 for every $1 invested in enforcement, IT and management systems.

FCC: Should the government save the media?

Study recommends more disclosure from broadcasters.

Troop withdrawal could trigger economic depression in Afghanistan

Report notes almost all of the country’s gross domestic product comes from spending related to the U.S. military and donor community’s presence.

Potential envoy offers sober outlook on Afghanistan

Nominee tells lawmakers the Afghan government led by President Hamid Karzai faces enormous challenges that could upend American efforts in the country.