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Dueling president, House speaker take pleas prime time

Despite warnings of dire consequences for failing to raise the debt ceiling, neither side appears willing to budge with one week to go before the Aug. 2 deadline.

Senate votes down GOP 'cut, cap and balance' plan

Bill would have required slashing spending by more than $100 billion in fiscal 2012 and amending the constitution.

Not close to a debt deal yet, Boehner says after GOP meeting

House Republicans say a short-term debt ceiling extension is likely coming.

Senator moves to end minting of largely ignored presidential coins

Vitter bill would shut down Mint’s multiyear production of commemorative $1 pieces that mostly sit in warehouses.


Merit board wants to know if favoritism is fading

Agency launches survey to collect feedback on managers’ ability to make objective calls on pay and promotions. Take our poll to share your views.

Agencies lack clear guidance on telework during emergencies, report says

Watchdog identifies problems with IT, personnel readiness related to federal telework and continuity of government operations.

FAA furloughs 4,000 employees as Congress fails to provide funding

Air traffic control systems will remain in operation, but many employees can't go to work, including almost 1,000 in Washington.

House GOP considers short-term debt-limit extension

White House has said it could accept a debt-limit extension of a few days if a larger agreement were already in the works.

Fed, Wall Street prepare for default

Preparations are being made despite 'gut feeling' a deal will be struck, Fed official says.