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Reid, Boehner unveiling dueling debt plans

The proposals will leave the House and Senate at odds.

House and Senate remain on collision course over debt ceiling

Boehner and Reid release competing plans; debate is likely to come to a head just days before Aug. 2 deadline.

Sworn in, Crocker assures careful drawdown in Afghanistan

New ambassador says there is “no rush for the exits.”

OMB elaborates on regulatory review for independent agencies

OIRA chief Sunstein offers template for assessment of potentially burdensome rules under Obama executive order.

Dueling president, House speaker take pleas prime time

Despite warnings of dire consequences for failing to raise the debt ceiling, neither side appears willing to budge with one week to go before the Aug. 2 deadline.

Senate votes down GOP 'cut, cap and balance' plan

Bill would have required slashing spending by more than $100 billion in fiscal 2012 and amending the constitution.

Not close to a debt deal yet, Boehner says after GOP meeting

House Republicans say a short-term debt ceiling extension is likely coming.

Senator moves to end minting of largely ignored presidential coins

Vitter bill would shut down Mint’s multiyear production of commemorative $1 pieces that mostly sit in warehouses.


Merit board wants to know if favoritism is fading

Agency launches survey to collect feedback on managers’ ability to make objective calls on pay and promotions. Take our poll to share your views.