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Departing Commerce secretary laments government's 'aversion to failure'

Gary Locke calls for quantitative measures of program success.

House rejects hike in debt ceiling

Symbolic vote on measure with no spending cuts plays out predictably.

Space shuttle Endeavour makes its final landing

Mission was the second-to-last for the U.S. shuttle program.


Price tag of official time spent on union activities grows

Labor officials and Republican lawmakers debate whether that time is well spent.

National Science Foundation nears decision on moving

Tight on space and adequate conference rooms, 2,100-employee agency mulls leaving Arlington for Alexandria.

Room for One More

Watch for Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry to try to fill a void in the GOP presidential race.


Obama to name former utility executive as Commerce chief

John Bryson would inherit a department expected to be at the center of efforts to overhaul government.

Former Obama Secret Service agent running for senate in Maryland

It's a rare move for a member of the president's security detail.

Efforts to bring jobs in-house may be losing momentum

Contractors welcome House-passed Defense bill that would lift Obama’s two-year-old moratorium on Pentagon outsourcing.

Space shuttle Endeavour gets set to attempt its final landing

Shuttle program will end after Atlantis mission in July.