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Congress threatens furloughs for FAA employees

Debate over funding extension could shut down agency unless lawmakers resolve controversial provisions.

Leaders looking to short-term solution to avert August default

White House suggests Obama might consider a short-term compromise; House GOP aide calls the idea a possibility until a larger deal is worked out.

GOP lawmaker balks at 'Gang of Six' defense cuts

House Armed Services Committee leader notes the proposal would require changes to military retirement and other benefits, a difficult issue on Capitol Hill.

Blame Republicans for Debt Crisis

By flinching at the prospect of significant deficit reduction, the GOP will have to deal with the fallout.

Obama hails renewed Gang of Six effort

President praises group of senators for coming up with a plan that is "balanced" and includes tax revenues.

Boehner says it's time to contemplate 'Plan B'

The House speaker would not say what options he considers to be available or viable as 'Plan Bs.'

House passes balanced budget bill

Senate is not expected to approve legislation requiring a constitutional amendment to raise debt ceiling.

Obama passes over obvious choice to lead consumer protection bureau

President thanks Elizabeth Warren for helping stand up the agency, but goes with former Ohio official.

Treasury head: Only option is to raise debt limit

Geithner says there is “no plausible way to run the country… if we are not paying our obligations.”

New general takes command in Afghanistan as Petraeus departs for CIA

John Allen will lead the process of withdrawl by 2014.