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'Gang of Six' pessimistic about special debt panel

If the super committee fails to reach a deal, then guaranteed across-the-board cuts will kick in.

Senate panel cuts more than $500 million from spy operations

Bill would reduce intelligence spending by about 1 percent.

Panetta tries to assuage Pentagon budget-cutting concerns

Additional $500 billion cut that would come if congressional deficit reduction committee fails to do its job is meant to be a worst-case scenario.

FAA impasse unlikely to end soon

Boehner's office says 'clean' extension bill is out of the question.

A Laughingstock

Members of Congress may not realize it, but they are becoming national jokes.

Mullen presses Iraqis to decide U.S. troop status

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman wants immunity to be part of a withdrawal.

LaHood: FAA funding failure has 'enormous' ripple effects

Partial shutdown will hurt construction workers as well as agency employees, Transportation chief says.

Ashton Carter named as new deputy secretary of Defense

The physicist currently serves as the undersecretary of Defense for acquisition, technology and logistics.

Obama signs debt deal, turns to job creation

To all those caught up in the frenzy of the debt-ceiling fight in Washington these past few weeks, it seemed like a moment of relief, but it was only the “first step,” as Obama called it.

End to FAA mess in sight

Senate considers House-passed bill -- including GOP provisions -- to fund the aviation agency into September.