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GOP lawmakers tout Constitutional amendment to require balanced budget

Reps. Eric Cantor and Jim Jordan argue that the constitutional fix would carry weight.

Federal Protective Service struggles with new management tools

Nine months into job, director hasn’t implemented GAO recommendations on training and tracking guard assignments.

Debt talks splinter into dueling plans

House Republicans focus on balanced-budget amendment to the constitution, while Senate considers allowing Obama to raise the debt ceiling without GOP votes.

Enough Already

It’s time for politicians to get serious about raising the debt ceiling. They’re playing with fire.

Time-and-materials contracts reduced by $1 billion, says OMB

Obama effort to favor fixed-price acquisitions has shown progress governmentwide, according to chief procurement policy officer.

Deficit talks end with no deal

Discussions are continuing Monday, in hopes of reaching agreement on a more modest package of spending cuts.

Obama: A long-term deficit reduction deal is still necessary

President says "now is the time to deal with these issues."

Obama widens regulatory review to independent agencies

Executive order requests voluntary participation in a governmentwide effort to root out burdensome and unnecessary rules.

Atlantis is headed to the International Space Station.

Atlantis launch marks a bittersweet end to shuttle program

NASA must downsize and reorient itself as 30-year space travel effort draws to a close.