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Obama government reorganization plan nearing release

OMB’s Zients draws ideas from watchdogs’ report on improving trade competitiveness.

FEMA’s fraud unit plans to staff up

In response to IG recommendation, the agency will boost workforce to help prevent and investigate malfeasance.

The Home Front

Despite the housing slump, Americans of all political persuasions have a visceral desire to own their own home.

Pawlenty lays out Reaganesque economic agenda

The former governor cites USPS, the Government Printing Office, Amtrak, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as candidates for privatization.

Al Qaeda still world's top threat, Interpol chief says

Mass transit faces the greatest terrorist risk, he adds.


Nearly all agencies meet initial telework policy deadline

But additional work lays ahead, OPM says. Has your agency informed you of your telework status? Take our poll.

Pentagon management chiefs pursue ‘cross-functionality’

Improving performance and modernizing technology in areas like security clearances require moving beyond stovepipes, panelists say.

Grassley gives failing marks to Pentagon inspector general

Defense watchdog disagrees with senator’s claim that millions of dollars are vulnerable to fraud and waste.

Five American soldiers killed in central Iraq

Though all of the American forces still in Iraq are scheduled to withdraw by the end of the year, militant attacks have continued to target U.S. troops.

Poll: Escape Route

Has the pay freeze put a damper on your vacation plans? Or do you need a break now more than ever? Take our poll.