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Six similarities between the Boehner and Reid debt plans

Plans have some things in common, including caps and spending targets.

Too Close to Call

Political and economic signs point to a 2012 presidential election that will come down to the wire.

Homeland Security cancels troubled radiation detector effort

The agency spent roughly $230 million over five years attempting to develop and field the monitoring system.

In national address, President Obama noted the disruption in services that would result from a default.

Federal pay and benefits spared -- for now

The debt strategies unveiled Monday do not contain specific provisions that would affect employees’ salaries or pensions.

Senators seek to strengthen Obama effort to recoup improper payments

Bill would codify and clarify OMB policies, including a contractor Do Not Pay List.

Report: Military investigation finds U.S. funds reached Taliban

Probe reveals portions of $2 billion contract intended to support local Afghan business eventually reached insurgents.

Reid, Boehner unveiling dueling debt plans

The proposals will leave the House and Senate at odds.

House and Senate remain on collision course over debt ceiling

Boehner and Reid release competing plans; debate is likely to come to a head just days before Aug. 2 deadline.

Sworn in, Crocker assures careful drawdown in Afghanistan

New ambassador says there is “no rush for the exits.”

OMB elaborates on regulatory review for independent agencies

OIRA chief Sunstein offers template for assessment of potentially burdensome rules under Obama executive order.