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Demonstrators clash outside a Border Patrol station in  Murrieta, Calif., in 2014.

Cruz Supporters Are Less Culturally Anxious About Immigration than Trump Supporters

Cruz has taken a tough stance on illegal immigration for economic reasons, but also tells a positive story about his father's flight from Cuba in the 1950s.

Hillary Clinton even rode the subway! Like a regular person! Kinda!

Play of the Day: The 2016 Campaign Moves to New York

Hillary Clinton rides the subway and Ted Cruz gets a chilly reception in the Empire State.

Play of the Day: Fake Agencies Trump Would Cut as President

The Department for the Farms and the Bureau of Birds and Foxes are very wasteful fake federal agencies.

Protestors rally at the Old Post Office Building on Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. in July.

How a Serious Third-Party Presidential Run Could Still Happen

It's not too late—yet—for Trump or an anti-Trump to make a credible independent bid.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks during a primary night campaign event in Milwaukee.

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Win the Wisconsin Primaries

Cruz really needed a win to blunt Trump’s march to the nomination; Sanders extended a winning streak, but time is running out to close his gap with Clinton.

The Pentagon Isn’t Tracking if Former Employees Violate Revolving Door Laws

Auditors could not even come up with reliable data to make assessments.

Will Wisconsin Prove Too Polite for Trump?

GOP elites have cast doubt on the Republican front-runner’s ability to take the state in a highly contested primary on Tuesday.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton's Electoral Vulnerabilities

Benghazi, email, Libya, the Clinton Foundation, her dancing… It's a long list.

Sure. Let's let this guy with the hat become "Death, the destroyer of worlds" in the words of Robert Oppenheimer.

Play of the Day: Obama Knocks Down Trump's Nuke Talk

The president said the 2016 GOP frontrunner “doesn’t know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy… or the world generally."

Are Voters Getting Tired of Trump?

The real estate mogul-turned-candidate had a bad week.