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Congress Finally Leaves Town, but a Packed September Awaits

After Labor Day, the two chambers will have to figure out how to keep the government open.

A NASA Satellite Sees the 'Dark Side' of the Moon Crossing Earth

Watch the moon slide across Earth in this fantastic footage from 1 million miles away.

Play of the Day: Time to Get Ready for the GOP Debate

Late-night TV hosts skewer the candidates the night before the Fox News event.

Cybersecurity Bill Still in Senate Limbo

The vote hinges on an agreement that would fast-track the information-sharing bill so that it could wrap up before recess.

Obama spoke about the deal Wednesday at American University in Washington.

Obama Invokes Iraq War in Soliciting Iran Deal Support

The president argued that a vote for the nuclear agreement would break from the mindset that led to the 2003 invasion.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Was Born the Normal Way… Just Like You

The Daily Show has the newest ad from the Democratic frontrunner.

There Won’t Be a Shutdown, Senate Leader Says

Mitch McConnell renews vow to negotiate with congressional Democrats and the White House to avoid closing federal agencies.

IGs Aren’t Taking Justice Department Rejection Lying Down

Battle for full, independent access to agency documents moves to Capitol Hill.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Keeps Talking and Talking

The mogul and 2016 GOP frontrunner continues to say outrageous things.