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Sen. Bob Corker Is 'Shocked' by How Little Data the NSA Is Collecting

The NSA bulk-data program is so scaled down, it might not even be effective, the Senate Foreign Relations chairman claims.

Debunking the Myth That Only Drivers Pay for Roads

Landing on the moon was still a wild dream the last time gas taxes paid nearly the full cost of our roads.

House Democrats: Train Crash Serves as Reminder of Amtrak's Financial Problems

Lawmakers made a push for more federal funding for the rail system on Wednesday during a House committee hearing on transportation budgets.

And now it's time to hit all the American territories.

Play of the Day: Barack Obama Completes His Travels to All the States

The president's visit to South Dakota was not long, but it happened.

House Passes Bill Exempting Some Feds From Retirement Tax Penalty

Legislation would allow law enforcement officers and firefighters to access TSP savings before age 55 without 10 percent tax.

Rep. Mark Takano, D-Calif., introduced the measure in the House.

New Bill Would Give Thousands of Feds Collective Bargaining Rights

Proponents say negotiations would help government provide better services.

Play of the Day: Unlike Britain, American Elections Are Always Very Porkcentric

Jon Stewart looks at the defining image from the British election.

Does Congress Really Need a $17 Million Subsidy to Send Mail?

Report questions the utility of a centuries-old perk.