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What Do Manatees Have To Do With Obama’s Climate Agenda?

Jim Inhofe joins Rob Bishop to fight against power-plant regulations.

"If the department remains unwilling to work with the committee on a voluntary basis, we are left with no alternative but to consider the use of compulsory process to obtain the materials we requested on February 24, 2015," Jason Chaffetz wrote.

GOP Threatens to Subpoena State Department for Keystone Docs

The move comes amid a larger battle over transparency between Republicans and the State Department, including over key moves made during Hillary Clinton's tenure.

Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., and other Democrats oppose the bill because it contains a gimmick designed to get around the required budget cuts.

Democrats Set to Block Defense Bill Amid GOP Attacks

The Senate minority wants to make a stand on budget caps, and the majority hopes to make them pay for it.

Play of the Day: Does Torture Work?

Last Week Tonight looks at the implications of the December torture report.

Clinton waves goodbye before lifting off from Montevideo, Uruguay in 2010.

Why Hillary Clinton Is Underwater

It was inevitable that her numbers would drop once she became a real candidate. But will they keep falling?

OPM Hacking Deals Yet Another Blow to Federal Morale

Employees are upset at the way OPM handled the breach, but private sector cybersecurity is not much better, contractors note.

Rule #1: Policy Design Starts With Operational Capacity

What happens when policy wonks make implementation someone else's problem.

Durbin Launches Standoff Over Defense Spending ‘Gimmick’

The amendment would require a deal to lift the budget caps before the Pentagon could access $35.9 billion.

The Price of Reading Hillary Clinton's Emails

Twelve State Department employees are working full-time to vet thousands of messages, but that's just part of a process that could cost more than $1 million.