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Paul Ryan Says the House Won't Take Up Immigration Reform. Does That Help or Hurt Marco Rubio?

The new speaker says the House won't pass a bill while Barack Obama is in office—a vow that could help Marco Rubio in the primary but hurt him in the general election.

Play of the Day: Ben Carson Is Not the Most Dynamic Candidate

Late-night hosts joke about the possibly sleepy GOP frontrunner.

Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., has often floated a proposal to move to biennial budgeting.

Warning of Looming Shutdown, Lawmakers Look to Boost Agencies’ Budget Certainty

Senators want more time for oversight, less for agency contingency planning.

The TSA’s PreCheck program is under fire.

The TSA is Under Fire Again For its Poor Security Screening

The agency is, once again, under fire from Congress.

Obama signs an executive order pledging transparency on his first day in office.

Latest Obama Transparency Plan Seeks Improved Email Recordkeeping

Intelligence Community also weighs in with commitment to new openness.

Play of the Day: More on the Republicans' Debate Requests

Ben Carson really doesn't want "gotcha" questions.

Bid to Privatize IRS Debt Collection Could Further Delay Highway Bill

NTEU and some Democrats rev up resistance while also opposing rerouting of customs fees.

Congress Dares to Tweak Obamacare

Lawmakers aren’t bragging about it, but they have agreed on two fixes to the polarizing health law in the last month.

Play of the Day: The Next GOP Debate Could Become a Literal Gong Show

Seth Meyers examines the letter the RNC sent to networks with debate restrictions.

HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell touted the change as an­oth­er step to­ward con­trolling health care costs.

How Congress Is Using $9B in Medicare Savings to Finance the Budget Deal

A payment-reform idea that was a long time coming finally passed as a budget offset.