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Timing could threaten U.S. personnel and facilities abroad, Kerry says.

John Kerry Is Trying to Stall the Release of the CIA Torture Report

The secretary of State is reportedly asking the Senate to wait to release its report on the Bush-era use of “enhanced interrogation” techniques.

Play of the Day: The Odds of Indicting a Police Officer

The Garner and Brown cases show just how difficult it really is.

Pentagon Watchdog: DOD Stumbles in Cloud Computing Plan

An inspector general found Pentagon policymakers did not fully execute numerous elements of the strategy.

Play of the Day: Rand Paul Takes a Stand in Police Chokehold Case

Last night's late-night funnies: The Republican senator sticks to his antitax guns.

Sens. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and John McCain, R-Ariz., talk during a Foreign Relations Committee hearing.

Rand Paul and John McCain Go to War Over ISIS Vote

How a "nice little water bill" sparked a battle between a 2016 White House hopeful and the GOP's top hawk.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., says the hiring demonstrates that the executive action has a financial cost.

Obama's Immigration Action Is Creating a Hiring Blitz at DHS

USCIS is staffing up at a new facility to implement the new policies.

Reid vs. White House Tensions Cloud Majority's Final Days

Divides over electoral strategy and a tax deal reflect stresses between the Senate's top Democrat and the Obama administration.

Barack Obama isn't the only president to face criticism for management failures.

Can Presidents Be Managers?

Presidents who bask in the policy limelight are surprised and puzzled when their support erodes.

Play of the Day: What Congress Can Finally Agree On

Everyone can gree that Nazis shouldn't get Social Security benefits.

House Approves Tax Deal That Would Retroactively Boost Mass Transit Benefits

Bill would allow feds to claim a $250 monthly benefit for 2014.