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Rudy Giuliani later tried to clarify his comments.

Play of the Day: Obama Loves America… Or Does He?

Late-night television hosts eviscerate Rudy Giuliani over his comments at a weekend fundraiser.

While Rubio Holds His Fire, Cruz and Paul Attack on the Next Immigration Front

Unlike the Senate's other two GOP presidential contenders, Marco Rubio hasn't taken a stance on Loretta Lynch's nomination.

Play of the Day: How to Campaign For the Bench

Last Week Tonight takes a look at American judicial elections.

Congress Returns With No Plan to Avoid Shutdown

Both chambers likely will spend the week refusing to budge on DHS funding.

What Does It Mean for Obama to Love or Hate America?

Rudy Giuliani is only the latest conservative to claim that the president isn't fond of his country, despite all evidence to the contrary.

President Obama speaks at DHS headquarters on the day he released his fiscal 2016 budget. The president has warned of the damage a partial shutdown would do to security.

The Homeland Security Department Is Starting Shutdown Prep

More than 85 percent of the department’s employees would have to report to work without pay, based on 2013 plans.

Play of the Day: Spot the Similarities in the Bushes

Jeb may be trying to differentiate himself from his brother, but it is not exactly working.

Dietary Panel: Eating Less Meat is Better for the Environment

New recommendations suggest Americans should cut back on meat if they care about the planet.

The IRS Knows What Computer You Are Using -- and That Might Be a Good Thing

One counter-fraud measure the agency is piloting will capture identifying data from the PC used to file a tax return. Multiple returns from the same device could signal fraud.

The Coast Guard is the only agency that has moved to the new location so far.

Scaled-Back DHS Headquarters Plan Would Squeeze 3,000 More People Into the Same Space

Flexible workplace strategies would help accommodate 17,000 employees in an area originally planned for 14,000.