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Play of the Day: Donald Trump Loves Hispanics… And His Taco Bowl

The 2016 presumptive GOP nominee sent out a Cinco de Mayo tweet Thursday.

USPS Has Not Saved as Much as It Expected From Cutting Post Office Hours

The Postal Service has used faulty data and isn’t factoring in its revenue losses, auditor says.

How Trump Rose to the Top of the GOP Race

The billionaire consistently beat out his Republican opponents in the U.S. presidential race among the voters who matter.

Play of the Day: The Final Blows of the Cruz Campaign

An awkward hug with a right elbow cross defined the Texan's final speech of his 2016 White House bid.

Can Hillary Clinton Make Good on This Opportunity?

Given her general election opponent, she has a historic opportunity to unite a grand, cross-party coalition.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a primary night news conference in Indiana.

With Vote for Trump, Indiana Spurns its Conservative Roots

If Ted Cruz was going to win anywhere, it was in the Hoosier State. Instead he got knocked out of the race.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

Clinton's Battle Plan

Don’t expect Hillary Clinton to stay above the fray in the general election.

Be careful.

Play of the Day: Carly Fiorina's Fall is a Metaphor For the Campaign

Ted Cruz's running mate takes a tumble in Indiana and it's quite symbolic.