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Kevin McCarthy Doesn't Want the Government's Marshmallow Roasting Advice

Forest Service blog post "perfectly captures what is wrong with our government," House majority leader says.

A Primer on Federal Pay and Benefits in Case the Government Shuts Down Again

Washington leaders have vowed to keep agencies funded past Sept. 30, but nothing is a done deal.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says the administration needs to get its priorities straight.

House Republicans Promise Action on ISIS to Force Obama's Hand

Lawmakers lash out at the president's foreign policy, but they have little authority to force a change in his approach.

Play of the Day: Frank Underwood's Advice For President Obama

Kevin Spacey stops by the Colbert Report in character.

Congress Returns to Doing Nothing

One major piece of unfinished business: a spending measure to keep government open after Sept. 30.

Rand Paul Will Have to Choose Between the Senate and the White House

Under Kentucky law, a candidate cannot appear on the ballot more than once.

Play of the Day: How Congress Reacted To Eric Cantor's New Paycheck

The Daily Show examines the former congressman's new job.

Rafael Moure-Eraso, chairman of the Chemical Safety Board, discusses dust explosions in 2011 at the Hoeganaes Corp. plant in Gallatin, Tenn.

Chemical Safety Board Chief Warns of Deadly Factory Explosions

The embattled chairman is frustrated by the glacial pace of efforts to regulate manufacturing dust.

Homeland Security Spent Millions on Vehicles It Rarely Used

The department lacks a central tracking system, which makes it difficult to enforce governmentwide policies.

Why Congress Won't Help Jennifer Lawrence

Or the thousands of less famous women who've been unfairly victimized.