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Obama's Gitmo Provocation?

Shuttering the terrorist detention center despite an explicit congressional ban would be the president's boldest move yet.

A Pro-Government Republican Emerges in Deep-Red Idaho

Merrill Beyeler is running for a seat in the Idaho House.

Here's What Congress Has Next for the Secret Service

Both Republicans and Democrats have questions for the elite agency tasked for protecting the president. Specifically, whether it's actually doing that.

Issa listens as then-Secret Service director Julia Pierson answers questions Sept. 30 about the  White House security breach.

Feds Should Keep an Eye on the Race to Replace Darrell Issa

The House panel that oversees the federal workforce is poised for a new leader.

Tijuana on the left, San Diego is on the right.

These Politicians Want to Close the U.S.-Mexico Border Because of Ebola

Some lawmakers fear that the virus could enter through the country's southern border.

Federal Employees Could Still Receive a Transit Benefit Boost This Year

IRS, lawmaker renew call for tax package that includes retroactively doubling mass transit benefit.

The Bipartisan Border Abuse Bill Congress is Ignoring

Bill would strengthen oversight and accountability of Customs and Border Protection.

Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska

Sen. Mark Begich Is Making the Most of Obama's Cabinet

The Alaska Democrat has been steering clear of Obama during his tight Senate race. But that hasn't kept his representatives from the trail.

Play of the Day: The Best Name for the Fight Against ISIS

What's the best way to talk about armed conflict? Stephen Colbert gets in the Name Chamber 5000.