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Play of the Day: Ben Carson's Stabbing History

The neurosurgeon-turned-candidate's backstory is being questioned again.

New Speaker Paul Ryan Is Stepping Up His Social-Media Game

In his first week, Ryan has bolstered his communications team and taken to Twitter.

Play of the Day: Ben Carson's Rap Radio Ad

Campaign ads can be tricky, especially when original songs are involved.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., introduced the bill.

New Bill Would Strip IRS Employees of Union Rights

Senator says union leads to waste and political bias at the agency.

“It remains our office’s view that the Inspector General Act should be changed to ensure independent access to information for all relevant inspectors general,” said Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general who also chairs CIGIE.

Inspectors General Continue Battle With Justice Over Document Access

Amendment to bill strengthening watchdog powers called too narrow by IG council.

Lawmaker Claims NOAA Altered Climate Change Data, Issues Rare Subpoena for Internal Research Docs

NOAA pushes back against Rep. Lamar Smith’s assertion it is withholding key information.

Paul Ryan Says the House Won't Take Up Immigration Reform. Does That Help or Hurt Marco Rubio?

The new speaker says the House won't pass a bill while Barack Obama is in office—a vow that could help Marco Rubio in the primary but hurt him in the general election.

Play of the Day: Ben Carson Is Not the Most Dynamic Candidate

Late-night hosts joke about the possibly sleepy GOP frontrunner.

Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., has often floated a proposal to move to biennial budgeting.

Warning of Looming Shutdown, Lawmakers Look to Boost Agencies’ Budget Certainty

Senators want more time for oversight, less for agency contingency planning.