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Why Republicans Can't Stop Obama's Executive Actions on Day One

Reversing Obama’s regulations and executive actions wouldn’t be as simple as the Republican field would have you believe.

Play of the Day: High Level Diplomacy isn't Always Glamorous

The relationship between the United States and Cuba is changing.

Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Mich., is one sponsor of the Taxpayers Right to Know Act.

Giving Taxpayers More Details on Where Their Money Is Going Would Come at Its Own Cost

CBO finds bid for in-depth disclosure of program spending would cost $82 million over four years.

The Legal Battle Has Begun Over The Obama Climate Legacy

Fifteen states ask federal court to block EPA’s carbon-emissions rules for power plants.

The Planned Parenthood Story That Could Cause a Shutdown is Staying Alive Over Recess

Antiabortion groups see town-hall meetings and new videos as means of advancing issue.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Sings!

Late Night has some video of the real estate magnate's version of "Witch Doctor."

Donald Trump Is Leading the Republican Field Among Federal Employees, Too

Exclusive Government Executive poll shows Fiorina and Rubio trail Trump among GOP feds.

Play of the Day: Bernie Sanders Has Some New Slogans

Sanders leads Clinton in New Hampshire polls for the first time.

"This is not just about jilted lovers trying to get revenge. This is about protecting an individual's right to privacy," Rep. Jackie Speier said

Plan to Criminalize Revenge Porn Will Arrive After Recess

Lawmakers led by Rep. Jackie Speier want to outlaw nonconsensual porn, but they'll be up against opposition from free-speech advocates.