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Play of the Day: Farewell, Rex

President Donald Trump fired his State Department chief on Twitter.

Army Misused Civilian Pay Funds for Other Purposes, IG Says

A watchdog report accuses Army leadership of using compensation funding to pay for other items that had been cut in the budget.

Who's Running NASA?

An interim administrator has been overseeing the space agency for more than 13 months—and now he’s leaving, too.

Play of the Day: What Besty DeVos Understands About Her Job

The Education Department chief doesn't seem to know her role and responsibilities.

The Trump International Hotel in Washington.

Analysis: The President’s Hotel Donation Ruse

The Trump Organization’s response to the problem of foreign governments trying to curry favor with the president by spending money at Trump hotels is an empty gesture.

Pentagon Managers Defend $1 Billion Price Tag of Largest Audit Ever

Timeline for results encourages lawmakers seeking defense budget reforms.

Play of the Day: The U.S. and North Korea Are Going to Talk

Trump and Kim have tentative plans to schedule a meeting.

Tillerson deplanes at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on March 7.

How Did Rex Tillerson Manage to Keep His Job?

His survival is a testament not only to his ability to ignore the machinations that dominate Washington, but also to the president’s penchant for political drama.