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Joe Biden Says 'There's a Chance' He Might Run for President

The vice president made the media rounds this morning to talk about a potential 2016 bid.

Play of the Day: Obama's Many Guests at the State of the Union

It's a tradition for the president to bring people to his speech. Obama brought a crowd.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Rand Paul Says Government Should 'Do No Harm'

In his State of the Union response, Paul also managed to get in a dig at Hillary Clinton.

Freshman Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, issued a straightforward call for bipartisanship.

Joni Ernst's State of the Union Response Gives the GOP a Fresh Face

The freshman Republican senator delivered a decidedly mild-mannered speech in the Republican Party's official response.

The Best State of the Union Reactions From the Hill

National Journal's Congress team compiled the strongest reactions.

Obama: Let's Set Sights Higher Than ‘Just Making Sure Government Doesn’t Screw Things Up’

In State of the Union, president advocates an active government to help support a middle-class economy.

Sen. Claire McCaskill says Army officials were aware of a bogus recruiting website and failed to act.

Defense Employees Used Fake Website to Net Millions in Recruiting Bonuses

Sen. Claire McCaskill blasts a scheme that provided couple with $4 million in unearned rewards.

John McCain said,  "All of these things are the product of failed leadership. They didn't happen all of a sudden like an earthquake or a hurricane."

Can Obama Get Congress To Help Him Fight Terrorism?

Of all the things he will propose Tuesday night, Obama’s biggest challenge remains getting buy in from Congress on foreign policy.

Play of the Day: John Kerry Loves French Things

The Secretary of State is French enough to send to the Paris rally. But, were there better candidates?

How Will Obama Speak to a Hostile Congress?

The State of the Union will set the tone for the next two years.