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Congress and the White House are Paying Attention to Opioid Abuse

As drug-related deaths continue to increase, government is looking to respond.

Play of the Day: Ask Bernie Sanders Anything... About Hillary Clinton

The presidential hopeful hosted an AMA on Reddit this week.

Justice Department Memo: NSA Spying Will Begin Shutting Down This Week

Memo circulated on Wednesday says lawmakers only have until Friday—not June 1—to resolve their standoff over NSA surveillance without risking an interruption to the program.

Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Mich., said reforms will require tough choices, but " I think we can all agree something has to be done."

Generous Benefits for Feds Injured on the Job Could Be on the Chopping Block

Congress takes another stab at cutting workers’ compensation for feds by $360 million.

The Republican Wrinkle in Repealing Obamacare's 'Cadillac Tax'

There is bipartisan support to nix the Cadillac tax, though it might not happen this year.

Congress Can't Solve the Infrastructure Crisis

No one can agree on how to pay for the Highway Trust Fund for the remainder of the year, let alone for the years ahead.

Nope. Nothing sexual here at all.

Play of the Day: Rick Perry's White House Chances

That 2011 corn dog photo is definitely going to follow him to 2016.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., convened the markup.

Transparency and Efficiency Bills Clear House Oversight Panel

Package of five includes new tools for inspectors general, use of evidence in policymaking.

A Tough Question for 2016 Candidates

They'll get criticized if they avoid the press. But they'll also take flak if they answer questions the wrong way, as Bush and Rubio have on Iraq.

House Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy

The House Benghazi Committee Has Some Questions for Clinton Ally Sidney Blumenthal

The longtime family confidante's messages to Hillary Clinton on Libya are drawing fresh attention.