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Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said lawmakers are not notified of guidance that comes along with rules.

Regulatory Reformers Target Agencies’ Nonstatutory Guidance

Officials executing Trump’s reviews agree to turn over names of task force members.

Play of the Day: Trump, Putin and Kim

The American president is finishing up his Asia trip with his usual flourish.

Federal Judge Reinstates Ousted AFGE Official

Investigation against alleged misdeeds by Eugene Hudson was led by an official who had previously described him as a “Master Grifter.”

Play of the Day: President Predictive Text

John Oliver has his iPhone write a speech like President Donald Trump.

Trump Battles Constraints on His Power

Frustrated by restrictions on his authority, the president seems to be finding new ways to pursue his political objectives.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's China Visit

The president's Asia trip continues.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, questioned nominee Stephen Vaden's experience for the job.

Largest Federal Labor Union Opposes Trump’s Pick for Top USDA Lawyer

AFGE says Stephen Vaden “has shown contempt” for union contract, while Democratic senators question his experience, defense of controversial voter ID laws.

Federal Prison Guard Pleads Guilty to Distributing Narcotics, Sexually Abusing Inmates

Bureau of Prisons officer took bribes for drugs and engaged in oral sex with female inmates.

Trump speaks at a CNN debate in 2016 in Florida.

Is Donald Trump Using the Justice Department to Crush CNN?

Or is the Department of Justice finally cracking down on corporate mergers?