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Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Congress Strengthens Homeland Security's Cyber Role with FISMA Reform, Other Bills

A 2002 computer protection law finally gets an upgrade.

John Brennan: Torture Report Is Flawed

"The record does not support the study's inference that the agency misled others on the effectiveness of the program," said the former CIA chief, while acknowledging mistakes made.

Sen. Tom Coburn has made clear he is willing to let the TRIA program expire.

Terrorism Risk Insurance Plan Likely to Falter in the Senate

Barring a change, the federal backstop against terrorist attacks will expire at the end of the year.

Congress Approves Changing TSP Default Settings to More Lucrative Funds

The switch would only apply to new federal employees who are auto-enrolled in the Thrift Savings Plan.

Departing Members of Congress Find Their Work Benefits Slipping Away -- Or Already Gone

Served for four decades? Doesn't matter, they're disconnecting your phone anyway.

The Senate's Torture Report Cost at Least $40 Million

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is firing back at allegations that her committee is the reason for the torture report’s costly price tag.

Vice President Biden would not get a pay raise, under the bill.

Winners and Losers From the Deal to Avoid a Shutdown

Things look good for feds, but several agencies continue to bear the brunt of cuts.

Udall Calls for CIA Director's Resignation

“The CIA is lying,” the Colorado Democrat said on the Senate floor Wednesday.

Hill Democrats' Opposition to Omnibus Is Building

Provisions on Dodd-Frank, campaign finance alienate Pelosi and other top Democrats.

Federal workers "have been undervalued and underappreciated for too long,” said Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski, D-Md.

Feds, Troops Still On Track for a 1 Percent Pay Raise in 2015

CRomnibus package allows for increase, freezes congressional salaries.