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House and Senate GOP Budgets Are Miles Apart

Senate budget offers no relief for defense hawks, ignores House’s entitlement reforms.

Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., led Senate Republicans in releasing their budget blueprint.

Senate Republicans Go After Federal Retirement Benefits, Too

Chamber’s budget blueprint calls for $170 billion in savings through the federal workforce to make government employment resemble the private sector.

Agencies Will Cut 100 Million Hours of Paperwork, White House Says

Effort to curb burdensome or outdated regulations may not satisfy GOP critics.

Why Congress Should Act Like a Board of Directors

The nation’s stockholders deserve a budget process that works.

McConnell: No Trafficking Bill, No Lynch Vote

Republicans say they won't bring the attorney general up for confirmation until Democrats relent.

Play of the Day: In This Corner... Mitt Romney?

The late-night favorite and erstwhile candidate is lacing up the gloves for charity.

Judy Rivers of Logan, Ala., testifies about her mistaken inclusion on SSA's Death Master File.

Getting the Living Off Social Security’s Deceased List May Take Legislation

Alabama woman testifies on being reduced to poverty after erroneous designation.

John Boehner's GOP Budget Presser Turned Into One About Benghazi

The House speaker gave a press conference Tuesday morning on the just-released GOP plan, but he quickly turned his attention to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., and other Republican members of the House Budget Committee release the 2016 plan.

GOP Budget: Higher Pension Contributions for Feds, Much Lower Spending for Civilian Agencies

Republicans suggest familiar cuts to federal employees and agencies to achieve $5.5 trillion in savings.

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy testifies Tuesday.

Democrats and Republicans Agree: The Secret Service Is Not Working

Members of the House Appropriations Committee grilled the agency’s director on Tuesday about a string of security failures.