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Play of the Day: The Wall and the Potential Shutdown

President Donald Trump also has some cost estimates for the "super duper" border project.

"We have hundreds of people in the queue," said White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Trump Chief of Staff Blames Democrats for Record-Slow Hiring Pace

Trackers count fewest nominations to key posts in 40 years.

A Border Patrol vehicle secures border fence line in Arizona in 2011.

Analysis: How Trump Is Upending the Conventional Wisdom on Illegal Immigration

The president has been frustrated on many fronts in his first hundred days, but on his watch, unauthorized border crossings have fallen sharply.

Democratic Congressman Wants to Move More Agencies Out of D.C., Too

Rep. Tim Ryan says relocating federal agency headquarters could help struggling cities.

How Trump Fell Into His Own 100-Day Trap

If the president didn’t want to be judged on the first three months of his presidency, why did he promise to get so much done in that period?

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., reintroduced the bill in January.

House Bill to 'Audit the Fed' Would Cost $6 Million

Transparency plan would expand GAO access to Federal Reserve data.

Play of the Day: The Patriots Take a Patriotic Trip to the White House

President Donald Trump welcomed the Super Bowl champs on Wednesday.