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Play of the Day: What Should We Make of Chris Christie's Face?

Was he thinking about traffic jams? Or just the prospect of a Trump presidency?

How Donald Trump Can Beat Hillary Clinton

He spent years as a moderate. He spent years as a nationalist. Why can’t he spend six months being a moderate nationalist?

And, what, exactly do we know about Socks the cat?

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton's Feline Ties to Terrorism

Her childhood cat's name was Isis. That can't be a coincidence.

Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Fla., introduced the bill.

Lawmakers Want to Know Everything About Official Union Time, Down to Square Footage of Offices Used

Democrats call bill that passed out of a House committee Tuesday burdensome and unnecessary.

Donald Trump Tries to Divide and Conquer the Republican Establishment

After Chris Christie backed the entertainer on Friday, so did Paul LePage and Jeff Sessions—a diverse set of politicians. Meanwhile, the opposition remains split.

Possible Trump supporters?

Play of the Day: Fascists, White Supremacists and Donald Trump

The GOP frontrunner retweeted a Mussolini quote and is getting support from white separatists.

Play of the Day: John Oliver Compares Donald Trump to So Many Things

According to Last Week Tonight, Trump is like the NFL, a dangerous pet chimp and a lemur eating a banana.

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio campaigns in Virginia on Sunday.

Will Rubio's Assault on Trump Pay Off Tuesday?

The Floridian needs a victory somewhere to keep his candidacy alive.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announces his endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in Texas.

Chris Christie Rides to Trump's Rescue

The New Jersey governor makes a surprising and timely endorsement of the Republican front-runner.