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American is what happens when English goes rogue.

Play of the Day: Sarah Palin Speaks American

After Jeb Bush spoke Spanish last week, Trump and Palin want him to be unilingual on the campaign trail.

Regulators Fine Caesars Palace for Allowing Some to Gamble Off Books

The casino group will pay $9.5 million for failing to police money laundering.

Republican Congressman Wants to Impeach Gina McCarthy

Paul Gosar says EPA chief lied about clean-water rule.

Forget the Pope. Donald Trump Is Coming to the Hill

The 2016 GOP frontrunner will be right outside the Capitol, but it’s not clear he has much support inside the building.

Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C., (center) is leading the fight to defund Planned Parenthood.

Republicans Swear This Shutdown Will Be Different

The strategy has never worked for the GOP’s right flank, but they’re going down the same path anyway.

Play of the Day: Don't Give Hillary Anything Electronic

If it has buttons, Hillary Clinton doesn't know how to use it.

“A dis­ab­il­ity should in no way di­min­ish a per­son’s right to fully par­ti­cip­ate in all as­pects of so­ci­ety, and that should be the spir­it of [dis­ab­il­ity in­sur­ance],” Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., said.

Will Congress Go Over the Social Security Cliff?

Bipartisan support exists to prevent benefit cut for 9 million workers, but Paul Ryan move may drive Democrats away.

Congress Returns From Its Recess, And a Government Shutdown Looms

The upcoming session is already being billed a “countdown to shutdown.”

NOAA Has Mapped a Desktop Model of Earth

Gloriously popping graphics show CO2 transport, real-time earthquakes, space trash, and tons of other neat stuff.