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Sanders reacted to the bird as though he's never seen a bird before.

Play of the Day: Bernie Sanders and His Bird

The candidate said it was symbolism, but it was probably just one dinosaur seeing another.

HUD Seeks to Recoup Nearly $150,000 From Public Housing Authorities That Overpaid Executives

Six PHAs in California, New Jersey, and New York violated a federal spending compensation cap on top officials in 2014.

Rick Perry endorsed Cruz.

The Game Theory Principles Behind a Political Endorsement Against Trump

The strategy behind endorsing Ted Cruz can be explained by math.

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson

DHS Allowed Employees to Stay on Paid Leave for Years While It Investigated Misconduct

Three in 10 employees on admin leave for more than one year returned to their jobs anyway.

Play of the Day: Apple and the FBI Trade Barbs

The Daily Show looks at the newest developments in the privacy battle.

The Statistical Models Vying to Define Donald Trump

Scores of mathematical analysts have attempted to discover the secret to the candidate’s success. No one has gotten it yet.

#TrueDetectiveSeason3 ?

Play of the Day: Trump and Cruz Involve Each Other's Wives in the Campaign

An anti-Trump ad had the real estate mogul fired up on Twitter, so Cruz countered by quoting an Aaron Sorkin movie.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter

Clash Over Defense Secretary’s Personal Email Continues

House lawmaker's subpoena threat comes after three months of waiting for Carter's response.

Justice Department Returns Another Volley in Battle Over IG Access to Documents

Assistant attorney general say agency watchdog gets all the information they need.