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Political Balance

A tiny, last-minute event could tip the scale in this year's presidential race.

Perilous Times

Turmoil in Iraq could turn out to be a bigger Bush re-election headache than job losses.

Teetering on the Edge

President Bush's political fortunes are likely to continue riding a seesaw until Nov. 2.

Sowing and Reaping

Many once-dispirited Democrats believe that the conditions are ripe for them to pluck the House of Representatives from the Republican Party.

The Known Quantity

The value of incumbency seems to be growing.

Government Reform chief works to bridge differences across the aisle

Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., has worked to improve relations with his Democratic colleagues during his year as chairman of the House Government Reform Committee.

The Nader Effect

Early polls show Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., hurt by Ralph Nader.

The Case for Gephardt

Although Kerry's choosing Edwards as a running mate is hardly a nutty idea, why should he do it if there are stronger choices?

Warning Signs

Ralph Nader's recently announced presidential bid and a GOP loss in Kentucky should set off alarms for both political parties.

Power Struggle

Democrats face several tough battles in the fight for control of Congress.