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Underestimating Giuliani

The former New York City mayor’s chances of winning the 2008 Republican presidential nomination still aren’t great, but they’re looking better.

Taking a Stand

Those who disagree with President Bush give him little credit for his tenacity.

Combining Polls

Aggregate results show Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton leading the Democrats and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the Republicans.

Bottoming Out

Opposition to the war in Iraq may have leveled off.

On a Roll

The Democrats are riding the wave of various GOP scandals and embarrassments, but all hot streaks eventually end.

Discounting Experience

Americans are clearly looking for something from their next president other than just credentials.

Senate bill would transfer agriculture inspectors out of DHS

Measure proposed in part to address concerns about a lack of resources for checks to adequately protect against foreign pests.

Back-Office Blueprints

OMB’s plan to consolidate IT infrastructure gets little fanfare in fiscal 2008 budget.

Proceed With Caution

Former Democratic Sen. John Breaux has expressed interest in running for governor in Louisiana, but he may not be eligible, for one thing.

Timing is Everything

States are holding their presidential primaries earlier in an effort to attract the type of attention afforded New Hampshire and Iowa.