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The Big Winner in the House GOP Budget? The Pentagon

Plan leaves sequestration in place, but adds money for Defense in accounts technically considered emergency funding.

Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., will have a hard time getting the GOP plan passed despite the Republican majority in the House.

Three Obstacles that Threaten to Derail the Republican Budget

A plan that actually can pass both chambers will be hard to write, and very easy to mess up.

Putin goes hunting shirtless.

Play of the Day: Where Has Putin Been For 10 Days?

Seth Meyers has a plastic surgery theory… but not the one you're thinking.

Coast Guard's Fingerprint System Used to Nab Terrorist Suspects is Flawed, OIG Says

Personnel on Coast Guard ships use handheld devices to collect intercepted persons' fingerprints and images of their faces, as part of the Biometrics at Sea System.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest points to a reporter during his press availability Monday.

White House Calls Loretta Lynch Delay 'Unconscionable'

The administration made it clear Monday that the Senate delay in attorney general confirmation has been "disappointing."

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch testifies on President Obama's immigration order.

Congressional Outlook: A Week of Partisan Votes and Bad Blood

Confirmation vote for attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch is expected to be close.

Hillary Clinton speaks at a G8 event in 2012.

You Can't See Congress's Emails

If Hillary Clinton had stayed in the Senate, none of this would be happening.

Remember the 90s?

Play of the Day: Clinton's Emails Are a Throwback to the 1990s

David Letterman and Bill Maher connect the current scandal to some old ones.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is no longer chairman of the Budget Committee, but the cuts to federal workers' benefits in his past proposals might live on.

Will Republicans Target Feds With a Return to the Ryan Budget?

GOP promises next week’s proposals will balance the budget, which could spell bad news for feds.

Play of the Day: The Secret Service Has Been Very Busy Lately

Also, The Daily Show looks at the corruption charges against Sen. Robert Menendez.