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OPM Director Katherine Archuleta testifies before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the breach.

OPM Chief Isn't Planning to Step Down Just Yet

White House says Archuleta is the 'right person' for the job, despite bipartisan calls for her ouster.

Most in the Military Get No Retirement-Savings Help. That Could Be Changing.

Under the current system, personnel who serve 20-plus years get a pension. But what about everyone else?

Multiple Lawmakers Possibly Compromised by OPM Hack

At least two lawmakers received have received notices that their personal data may now be in the hands of hackers believed to be working for China.

Americans Remain Split Over Obama

Views of the president are tightly correlated with voters' assessments of their own financial prospects.

When the Defense Bill Collides With 'Extraneous' Politics

The Pentagon authorization measure always has to sail through controversy before passage. But this year's fight over budgeting is especially tough.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Message to America

He's got the best hair, a lot of money and a catchphrase. And he'd be the "best jobs president that God ever created.

"If we have the budget one year at a time—and I am not blaming anybody for it and I realize it's a collective thing where the country needs to rise up and get it together in this area," Ash Carter said Wednesday.

Top Defense Officials Told Congress Parts of the Pentagon's ISIS Strategy

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and Joint Chiefs chair Martin Dempsey testified before the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday.

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, introduced the bill, along with Sen.  Jon Tester, D-Mont.

Lawmakers Renew Push to Streamline Federal Hiring

Bill would hasten the burdensome hiring process, supporters say.

Mitch McConnell Is Attacking the Environmental Protection Agency

Senate's EPA spending bill takes swipe at power-plant rules in a long list of riders.

Democrats split ways on how to proceed.

Democrats Go Wobbly on Defense Bills

The defense authorization and appropriations bills use the same gimmick, so why are Democrats standing firm on one but not the other?