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The NSA Is Changing Some of the Information It Collects

The agency says it’s stopping the controversial practice of collecting Americans’ emails that mention foreign intelligence targets.

Lawmakers Reach a Bipartisan Deal to Avert a Government Shutdown

Plan must be approved by May 5 to avoid a lapse in appropriations.

Analysis: It's a Mistake to Call Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Unproductive

Repealing rules and defunding agencies takes the government back to the 1930s.

Trump's Presidential Status Anxiety

As the president nears his hundredth day in office, he seems increasingly concerned about how he’ll measure up.

Will Democrats Shut Down the Government Over Obamacare?

The Affordable Care Act was behind the last lapse in federal funding in 2013, and Democrats threaten revenge if Republicans try to jam through their repeal bill before a spending agreement is reached.

Play of the Day: The Other Red Button in the Oval Office

When President Donald Trump wants a Coke, he can get one immediately.

Comptroller General Gene Dodaro said agencies should focus on 29 new areas of potential inefficiency.

GAO List of Duplicative Programs to Piggyback on Trump Efficiency Effort

Comptroller general says most agency savings come after congressional action.