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Here's What a Trump Presidency Would Actually Look Like

A look at some of the GOP frontrunner's more controversial policies show how hard they would be to enact.

Hillary Clinton's Long Career as an Insider

Many think Clinton was a onetime leftist radical who morphed into a centrist to gain power. But she has always been a true incrementalist and compromiser.

Play of the Day: Jeb Bush is Not a Tough Guy

Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers joke about the Floridian's feud with Donald Trump.

Senator objects to Congress' classification as a large employer for tax forms and a small one for Obamacare purposes.

Oops. Did the IRS Send Capitol Hill Staff the Wrong Tax Form?

Senator Vitter sends commissioner complaint as part of challenge to OPM Obamacare rule.

Obama’s Second-Term Agenda Hits a Roadblock: the Supreme Court

The president’s legacy has mostly survived legal challenges so far, but the shift toward executive action could change that.

According to The Daily Show, this guy thinks Trump's counting skills are lacking.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Has a Way With Numbers

The New Hampshire GOP primary winner has a lot of unemployment figures, but none are necessarily correct.

Beth Cobert testifies at her confirmation hearing.

Senate Panel Approves OPM Nomination

Acting Director Beth Cobert still faces hurdles because of matters related to the OPM hack and Obamacare.

Supreme Court Blocks Obama's Climate-Change Plan

The high court halts a major EPA regulation Tuesday as lower courts deliberate its future.

Play of the Day: Gender in the Democratic Primary

Is there really a "special place in hell" for young women who support Bernie Sanders?

Trump and Sanders Are Doing Well Because They Tap Into the Same Anxious Feelings

They both foment outrage at trade policies that have hurt America’s middle class.