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City and State Officials Are Getting More Skeptical of Privatization

Policymakers are starting to question what for decades has been seen as a cost-saving panacea.

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FEC Considers Allowing Bitcoin Donations to Political Campaigns

Could virtual currency be the next form of campaign clout?

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Play of the Day: Is Clinton Coverage Sexist?

The Daily Show looks at the ways gender is covered in political coverage.

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Obama Tries Once Again to Pivot Toward Asia

President Obama has begun a weeklong trip to Asia, attempting to continue an effort to step up the United States' presence in the region.

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House Republicans Are Stepping Up Efforts to Attach Special Policy Riders to Spending Bills

Last year one such provision cut EPA staffing to the lowest levels since 1989.

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A Government Fight Over Cow Food Could Make Beer More Expensive

FDA regulations undergoing a review could increase the price of beer, milk, and more, critics say.

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Play of the Day: Tank Donuts, Russia's 'Subtle' Invasion Tactic

Still think Russia isn't involved in Ukraine?

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Playing the Name Game for 2016

The key question is not who will run, but what the intrinsic value of Democratic and Republican nominations will be.

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Obama, Congress Flunk National-Service Test

President brags about 'boldest expansion' of a program that hasn't grown (thanks mostly to the GOP).

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Four Years Later, a Sharp Divide on Gulf Oil Spill

EPA lifted BP's suspension from federal contracts March 13.

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