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Tom Perez: liberal hero

Under President Barack Obama's direct orders to end a months-long labor dispute at ports on the West Coast, Tom Perez turned to a reliable negotiating trick: ...

February 23 CNN POLITICS

Carly Fiorina's HP legacy looms over her 2016 ambitions

Carly Fiorina believes Hewlett-Packard is her ticket to the White House.

February 22 CNN POLITICS

Christie plans a comeback -- and a new low for Obama and Netanyahu?

Want the state of 2016 play in New Hampshire? The Chris Christie comeback strategy? How the White House will handle the Netanyahu visit? Take our Sunday trip ...

February 22 CNN POLITICS

Gaffes galore on the road to the White House

Vice President Joe Biden has long had a reputation as a gaffe machine. His series of unfortunate quotes began long before his time working in the White House, ...

February 20 CNN POLITICS

The Bush family and Iraq

Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush both initiated combat with Iraq during their time in office. Jeb Bush, a potential 2016 candidate, took care to ...

February 19 CNN POLITICS

A guide to Congress' 2015 deadlines

Congress faces a series of 2015 expiration dates for laws that require new action or funding.         


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February 17 CNN POLITICS

Myths and secrets of presidential monuments

Park Rangers at the Lincoln Memorial see it almost every day: Tour guides telling eager visitors that the number of steps leading to the temple match Lincoln's ...

February 16 CNN POLITICS