New U.S. Ambassador Swore Her Oath on an E-Reader

By Eric Levenson

June 2, 2014

In a peculiar "sign-of-the-times" moment last Friday, Suzi LeVine was sworn in as the United States' newest Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein by raising her right hand and placing the left on a digital copy of the Constitution. Instead of a paper-bound book, she swore the oath on an e-reader. It is believed to be the first Oath of Office consecrated in non-book form.

LeVine, a former Microsoft executive and fundraiser for the Obama team, solemnly swore her oath of office with her hand on the e-reader being held by her son and daughter.

A very 21st century swearing in; @AmbSuzi becomes the 1st U.S. Ambassador to take the oath over an electronic device.

— U.S. Embassy London (@USAinUK) June 2, 2014

On the e-reader, the U.S. Constitution was "opened" to the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. Vice President Joe Biden led the proceedings.

Congratulations to my amazing sister in law Suzi LeVine, the new Ambassador to Switzerland and Lichenstein!!! #wh...

— Whitehouse (@whphotos2013) May 30, 2014

LeVine also proved that she's a good diplomat by using a non-descript "off brand" e-reader, so as not to stake an official U.S. government position in the Kindle vs. Nook wars.

By Eric Levenson

June 2, 2014