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Obama referenced the recent Sony Pictures hack when speaking to lawmakers.

Obama Invokes Sony, CENTCOM Hacks in Calling for Cybersecurity Action

The president told lawmakers Tuesday he intends to highlight his administration’s renewed cyber efforts in his State of the Union address.

White House Environmental Adviser to Resign

Mike Boots led the Council on Environmental Quality since February 2014

Not Everyone's Internal Clock is Set for the 9-to-5

Sleep disorders put some workers out of sync with traditional schedules and are estimated to cost employers $2,000 per employee in lost productivity every year.

Hackers stole millions of credit-card numbers from Target stores in 2013.

Why Businesses Love Obama's Push for Security Regulation

Republicans and companies want a national standard for reporting data breaches, but privacy advocates are less enthusiastic.

The 15 New Books to Read in 2015

Start the New Year with fresh ideas to improve your work and yourself.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, France's President Francois Hollande, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, EU President Donald Tusk, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas march in Paris Sunday.

White House on No-Show: 'We Should Have Sent Someone With a Higher Profile' to Paris

Press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that the administration made a mistake in its representatives at antiterrorism rallies in France this weekend.

Obama Calls on Congress to Pass Data Privacy Laws

The president urged lawmakers to pass laws to combat hacking and protect student privacy.

Acquisition 101: When a Bargain Isn’t a Bargain

The recurring pitfalls of chasing the lowest price in federal procurements.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., accused House Republicans of "recklessness" by jeopardizing funding for Homeland Security.

Pelosi: GOP Is ‘Threatening a Partial Government Shutdown’

The two parties must reach a deal to continue funding the Homeland Security Department.