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Hicks worked at the Birmingham VA medical center.

Former VA Union President Arrested for Alleged Embezzlement

Stephanie Hicks allegedly stole more than $132,000 from the AFGE chapter at the Birmingham, Ala., veterans hospital.

Boeing has received  $64 billion in federal loans and loan guarantees since 2000, nonprofit says.

Nearly Half of the Largest Federal Contractors Are Also Receiving Federal Grants and Loans

Nonprofit’s “corporate welfare” study names Boeing as top “double dipper.”

FBI Director James Comey

FBI's Plan to Expand Hacking Power Advances Despite Privacy Fears

Google had warned that the rule change represents a "monumental" constitutional concern.

There are a series of steps the Treasury Department can take that would give Congress until October or November to avoid a default.

Don't Worry About the U.S. Hitting Its Debt Limit Yet

Thanks to increases in tax revenue, a sliding deficit, and extraordinary measures by the Treasury Department, there is time before the U.S. could default.

​Five Ways to Avoid GAO’s High-Risk List

The challenge isn’t just performance measurement, but also communication.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest points to a reporter during his press availability Monday.

White House Calls Loretta Lynch Delay 'Unconscionable'

The administration made it clear Monday that the Senate delay in attorney general confirmation has been "disappointing."

President Obama speaks at the Phoenix VA Medical Center on Friday.

Obama Says 'a Few Bad Apples' Not Emblematic of VA Workforce

President still supports creation of new, third-party advisory board.

The Steps to Happiness: One Less, One More

Each day do one less thing that doesn't matter and one more that does.

How to Manage Up Without Ever Leaving Your Cubicle

You don't need direct reports to be a leader, just follow these four simple steps.