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The Playbook for Privatizing Air Traffic Control Already Exists

Policymakers and the FAA should look closely at lessons from the agency’s last big privatization push.

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald is to be director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Appointee Watch: Trump Announces Picks for Justice, State and Other Agencies

The administration has tapped Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald to become CDC director.

U.S. Fears Dispute Over Qatar Will Intensify

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will fly to Kuwait next week to meet with officials mediating the talks.

The six men who met in Hamburg on Friday, including an interpreter for each country

The Strange, High-Pressure Work of Presidential Interpreters

The staff who help bridge the language gap in meetings like Friday’s Trump-Putin summit serve as confidants, fact-checkers, and de facto diplomats.

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin speaks during a briefing at the White House in May.

VA Becomes the First Federal Agency to Publicly Post All Major Disciplinary Actions

Initial report shows Trump’s VA is firing significantly fewer employees than the Obama administration.

Why Innovation Programs Should Target Middle-Aged Bureaucrats

Data show that the average age of the most successful innovators is somewhere in the mid-40s.

Groups Are Often Smarter Without ‘Opinion Leaders’

Better harnessing the wisdom of crowds might require fewer opinion leaders, not more. The research has implications for science and democracy.

Budget and Leadership Problems Plague 2020 Census, Raising Concern on Capitol Hill

Lawmakers worry about what one watchdog describes as a potentially "historically disastrous" outcome.

Trump speaks at at Krasinski Square at the Royal Castle in Warsaw on Thursday.

Trump, in Warsaw Speech, Criticizes Russia's 'Destabilizing' Role in Ukraine, Syria

The president also reaffirmed his commitment to NATO’s mutual-defense pact.