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3 Executive Productivity Hacks That Any Leader Can Use

How to focus your limited time and attention wisely.

Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., said he plans to introduce legislation that would allow VA to take back bonuses it has paid to employees proven to have manipulated health records and to retroactively lower performance ratings.

Too Many Senior Executives Receive Bonuses, Lawmakers Say

Advocates say pay must be high enough to incentivize qualified professionals to join the SES ranks.

Pentagon’s Plan for Civilian Workforce Falls Short, GAO Finds

Notably, the Defense Department hasn’t figured out the right mix of civilian, military and contractor staff.

Why Agencies Need More Flexibility to Retain Retiree Expertise

Phased retirement holds great promise, but one approach will not fit all.

Should Feds Have Been Told About the OPM Hack?

Officials say they have no proof personal data was exposed.

Bill Gates

This Is Bill Gates’ Favorite Business Book of All Time

This book has been out of print, is nearly half a century old, and is entirely different from the how-to-manage guides that top many other lists.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson Wants the Border Law Changed

Johnson says he'd like the ability to send Central American children back from the border faster.

Obama Taps Anne Rung to be White House Procurement Chief

Former GSA executive praised by her predecessor at OMB.

Why Government Needs More Enterprise Leaders

The challenge isn’t just allocating resources, it’s adapting to change.

What Drill and Rote Learning Have to Do With Confidence

Unfortunately, it is socially acceptable for well-educated adults to comment openly that they have no self-confidence in their own mathematical and spelling abilities.