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Trump’s Deregulatory Efforts Are Ensuring Agencies 'Stay Within the Laws,' Officials Say

President cancels speech after mass shooting; administration says it has saved $300 million from reform efforts.

Innovation By and For the Government

The long, onerous and costly federal acquisition process makes it hard to attract private innovators.

CIGIE Chair and Justice Department IG Michael Horowitz said the site will demonstrate the value of IGs.

IGs Band Together for a Common Website to Share Results of Investigations

Project eases access to reports governmentwide while promoting watchdogs’ work.

How to Win the Hearts and Minds of Colleagues In Distant Time Zones

Take a few extra seconds and do some time zone math so they don't have to.

Trump Disbands Labor-Management Forums at Federal Agencies

President says collaborative efforts “have produced few benefits to the public.”

Fast-Approaching Vacancy Act Deadline Puts Some Pressure on Trump to Speed Up Appointments

Rules also offer flexibility that may benefit the White House, however.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price resigned from office on Friday under pressure from an unhappy President Trump.

HHS Secretary Resigns After Controversy Over Use of Private Charter Aircraft

Price had offered to reimburse taxpayers for the cost of his seat on the flights, but not for the full cost estimated at $400,000.

The American flag is raised at the newly opened U.S. Embassy in Havana in 2015.

The U.S. Is Pulling Most of Its Staff Out of Cuba After a Series of Mysterious Attacks

Attacks caused traumatic brain injuries and permanent hearing loss in at least 21 diplomats and their family members.

USPS Defaults on Billions in Mandatory Payments, Despite Scheduled Relief

Lawmaker joins agency in renewing call for comprehensive postal reform.

An aerial photograph shows flood waters in San Juan on Sept. 27.

Why Does Trump Keep Praising the Emergency Response in Puerto Rico?

The president’s insistence that he’s doing a great job sits uneasily with stories of desperation in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.