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OPM Risks Paying Workers’ Comp for Employees Who Are No Longer Injured

Watchdog recommends that OPM take a more active role in verifying eligibility for long-term benefits.

How to Build a More Productive Life Every Day

Experimenting with different routines until you find one that helps you think more deeply.

Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., has introduced a similar bill in the Senate.

Federal Cops Can Pack Heat On Furlough Under House-Passed Bill

Legislation allows law enforcement to carry their service guns during involuntary furloughs.

Five Ways To Be A Clueless Manager

Your subordinates aren’t going to stick their necks out to tell you how you’re screwing up.

CDC Tells Chipotle: Stop Complaining About Food Safety Alerts

The burrito chain had complained the federal government released unnecessary food safety alerts.

Medicare and Medicaid Improperly Paid Out $14.1 Billion

GAO faults CMS' methods for auditing Medicare Advantage contracts.

USPS Back in the Red Despite Boosting ‘Controllable’ Profit 84 Percent

Postal Service increases revenue 5 percent while losing $2 billion.

How to Get Off to a Strong Start: A Guide for the Next President

Getting a new administration off the ground is like launching a startup while simultaneously conducting the largest corporate takeover in the world.