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Census Bureau director resigns

Robert Groves accepts provost position at Georgetown University.

Government wants more ethics rules for Afghanistan reconstruction employees

Regulation would require workers get approval for some activities.

Rick Santorum suspends presidential bid

Forrmer senator was Mitt Romney’s chief remaining rival for the GOP nomination.

GSA scandal engulfs another top official

Deputy buildings service commissioner David Foley placed on administrative leave.

Public buildings commissioner Robert Peck was fired in the wake of the scandal.

Former GSA public buildings chief calls conference scandal fallout unfair

Bush appointee Joseph Moravec says event was ‘ridiculous,’ but bemoans damage to ousted officials’ careers.

Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Calif., says such 'blatant waste' should bring 'serious consequences.'

Pricey awards program paraded as new example of GSA excess

Agency gave away $438,750 in iPods and other swag over four years, IG finds.

Viewpoint: Watching the Money

Agencies could stop millions of dollars in losses to financial fraud with real-time oversight.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, asks how many civilians would be affected by proposed consolidation.

Alaska base overhaul circumvents BRAC, lawmakers say

The Pentagon says it doesn’t need Congress’ blessing to realign military installations.

Government unemployment on the rise

Federal, state, and local organizations have dropped more than half a million workers in the last three years.

GSA spending spree prompts greater scrutiny of other agencies

Cause of Action has filed FOIA requests for 28 agencies’ spending records, The Hill reports.