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Sheryl Sandberg Talks Women, Leadership and 'Lean In' on Daily Show

The author and Facebook COO tells Jon Stewart that we need to teach leadership differently early.

Defense Department Goes Green to Save Lives, Not Environment

Defense Department begins looking at green energy as important war-fighting capability.

The New Key to Office Productivity? Walking

Going for a walk midday might be one of the best productivity boosters around.

Survey: Feds Lose Faith in Leaders

Government employees rank leadership lower than pay and work-life balance.

Is Chained CPI the Wrong Solution to the Right Problem?

Change might not make benefit adjustments more accurate for everyone.

Making the Most of Furloughs: 6 Survival Tips

Facing furloughs? Six things you should (and shouldn't) do to get through.

Fannie Mae headquarters

TARP Is Mostly Dead and Fannie Mae Is Alive

For the first time in four years Fannie Mae didn't require any funding from the Treasury Department.

Do you believe in shape-shifting lizard people? The out there.

13 Percent of Americans Believe Obama Is the Antichrist (and Other Sad Facts)

New polling shows just how many conspiracy theorists lurk among us—and what they believe.

How Do You Deal with an Abusive Leader?

If your boss talks about cutting people's private parts off...that's not a good sign.

Beleaguered Feds Likely to Lose Personnel Chief Within Two Weeks

April 13 will mark the final day of OPM Director John Berry’s tenure, according to federal statute.