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7 Tips For Starting a New Job Off on the Right Foot

The complete guide for stepping into a new role.

Do Long Commutes Discourage Married Women From Working?

Cities with longer average commutes have lower rates of married women in the workforce.

Will George W. Bush Ever Get Historians on His Side?

Truman and Eisenhower won belated respect, but they didn't have an Iraq problem.

Workers sort packages at a FedEx sorting facility in Kansas City, Mo.

USPS Renews Air Contract with FedEx

The $10.5 billion contract will last seven years.

Why a Little Bit of Stress is Good For You

Turns out some stress might make you smarter. Emphasis on "might."

No, Oncologists Are Not Going Broke

Cancer doctors say the sequester forces them to turn away dying patients. Nonsense.

Optogenetic stimulation using laser pulses lights up the prelimbic cortex.

NIH Shines a Bright Light on Cocaine Addiction

New research technique uses lasers to reveal root of addiction.

Obama Budget Would Increase Federal Workforce

Additional staff proposed for Homeland Security, VA among other agencies.

Lockheed Martin Fears $825 Million Hit From Sequestration

Company still awaits guidance on specific federal program cuts.