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Congress looks to provide $1.2 billion for VA in austere budget environment

Money is needed to achieve President Bush's amended funding request, announced this summer after embarrassing errors in VA budget projections were discovered.

Panel weighs idea of ‘super court’ to handle federal employee appeals

Opponents of proposal say such a court would simply create more bureaucracy.

Attempt to broker postal reform deal unravels

Rates will be increased if overhaul legislation isn’t approved this session of Congress.

SBA launches program to expedite loans for small Gulf Coast firms

Move comes amid mounting criticism that agencies are failing to involve small businesses in reconstruction.

Unions attack Pentagon’s policy switch on national bargaining

National-level bargaining was portrayed as one of “three pillars” of personnel reforms in initial talks.

Deep Thinkers

A new philosophy helps people manage their agencies and their lives.

Intelligence execs urged to gain experience with multiple agencies

Such exposure likely will become a requirement for executive jobs, human capital chief says.

TSA aims to clarify federal security directors' role in emergencies

Updated guidance will address concerns about need for better coordination, delineation of responsibilities.

Flexibility fuels intern program’s growth

More than 90 percent of Federal Career Intern Program graduates plan to stay in government, MSPB finds.

GAO chief repeats calls for greater fiscal responsibility

Measures to evaluate whether spending is effective are necessary, Comptroller General says.