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The Complete Guide to the Standing Office

How to combat the effects of sitting on the job.

Interior Faces Fresh Pressure to Hike Royalty Rates

Call for higher royalties is part of wider set of recommendations for addressing climate change.

Jack Lew to Congress: We'll Hit the Debt-Ceiling By Early March

Treasury chief pens letter to John Boehner reminding him that the debt ceiling was only extended to February.

Federal Records Must Go Digital, but Managers Say They Can't Do It Without More Resources

Only half believe the government can go all digital by 2019.

Lorraine Gudas, chair of pharmacology at Weill Cornell Medical College, and others, participate in a "Rally for Medical Research," Monday, April 8, 2013, in Washington.

The Budget Deal: An Okay End to a Very Bad Year for Medical Research

Congress has offered some relief to NIH, but Francis Collins says lawmakers are still scrimping on essential science.

Beth Cobert, newly installed as the White House deputy director for management, cast the effort “to reduce bureaucratic red tape."

OMB Simplifies Governmentwide Grant Guidance

Eight rules are being merged into one, regulating $600 billion in annual awards.

Sending Out an SOS in the Workplace Rankings

Best Places to Work survey shows pay freeze, furloughs and budget cuts are having real consequence.

Sesame Street Is Using Cookie Monster to Teach Kids to Become Executives

The children's program hopes to teach important skills such as the ability to make decisions and regulate behavior.

Americans See Big Government as a Threat in Record Numbers

It's viewed as three-and-a-half times as big a threat as 'big business' and 14 times the threat of 'big labor.'

A passenger jet flies past the FAA control tower at Washington's Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Management Failures Threaten New Air Traffic Control Navigation System

FAA plans were unrealistic and the project has lacked leadership, report says.