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Bush selects career civil servant as new e-gov leader

President Bush on Wednesday announced that he plans to nominate Karen Evans, the Energy Department’s chief information officer, as the federal government’s technology chief.

Air marshals depart TSA, join law enforcement bureau

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge announced Tuesday that the federal air marshals program will move from the Transportation Security Administration to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

CIA effort to beef up recruiting begins to pay off

The CIA’s accelerated efforts to hire spies and analysts since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks are starting to show results.

Report spawns rethinking about NASA's reliance on contractors

The report on the space shuttle Columbia disaster is raising serious questions about NASA's heavy reliance on contractors to perform its mission.

EEOC scorecard to rate agencies’ anti-discrimination efforts

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will rate agencies’ anti-discrimination efforts using a scorecard as part of a broader plan to hold agencies more accountable for discrimination in the federal workplace, EEOC officials announced Tuesday.