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Obama to GOP Rivals on Refugees: Listen to George W. Bush

The president said calls to exclude Muslim refugees or only include Christians were “shameful.”

 John Brennan pauses while taking questions at the Global Security Forum Monday.

CIA Director Brennan: Paris Attacks Should Bring U.S. and Russia Closer

Ahead of G-20 summit, White House signals willingness to work with Putin in Syria.

Obama Defends Strategy Against the Islamic State Amid Criticism

Obama pushed back forcefully against questions of America’s strategy to counter the Islamic State in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Then-Sen. Kent Conrad talks with Sen. Chuck Grassley prior to the start of a hearing on health care reform legislation in 2009. Sen. Orrin Hatch is seated at right.

Even If You Like Your Obamacare Co-Op Insurance, You Probably Can’t Keep It

How one of progressives’ favorite parts of the ACA fell apart, and why Congress did nothing to stop it.

Creating a Culture of Accountability

How to set up a performance system of feedback and follow through.

Democrats on Islamic State Fight: We'll Do What Obama Is Doing, but More

The phrase “leading from behind” has been rejected, but the practice seems as popular as ever.

Congress Struggles to Renew Health Benefits for 9/11 Responders

The struggle to get Congress to renew health benefits for responders shows how the political potency of the attacks has diminished with time.

The Productivity Obsession

In today's always-on workplace, employees crave any app that promises a chance at regaining control over their time.

Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., said the move will help improve faltering morale at the Homeland Security Department.

Open Office Space at Heart of Plan to Further Cut Costs of DHS Headquarters Move

GSA pushes new budget numbers based on greater use of shared office space.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson laugh during Republican presidential debate on Nov. 10.

Trump, Carson and a GOP Presidential Race Turning Ever More Bizarre

Just as the campaign seemed to be settling down, it takes a series of dramatic twists.