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Administration turns to Cabinet for help reinvigorating agenda

White House asks secretaries for their goals between now and the end of Bush’s second term.

Data problems surface in review of Forest Service contract savings

Critic says flaws in assessment process point to broader problems in contract management.

Agencies agree to use GSA identification card services

Amount of money saved through shared services will increase as participation rises.

Congress approves federal spending database bill

New search tool would put information on federal grants and contracts in one place.

Social Security warns of potential furloughs

Fiscal 2007 spending levels approved by a Senate committee would require 10-day furloughs agencywide, commissioner says.

Navy civilian benefits Web site remains offline

Unspecified technical difficulties have disabled the Employee Benefits Information System.

Democrats seek to expand GOP earmark overhaul

Proposed change to pending transparency rule would prevent members from personally benefiting from an earmark.

GSA launches wireless services initiative

Contract vehicle would offer agencies help in managing wireless plans.

Lawmakers weighing controversial Army Corps reforms

House-Senate negotiators will consider new peer review procedures and ways of prioritizing projects.

Postal overhaul languishing despite compromise offer

White House opposes language that would allow the Postal Service to use escrow account money to cover operational costs.