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Court rules that IRS inappropriately outsourced mailroom work

Agency and union have 30 days to file proposals for a remedy.

Growth in earmarks limits agencies’ flexibility

Increase has been driven by the budget-neutral practice of directing agencies where to spend money, without boosting funding.

GAO: Feds lack data on emergency response grants

Investment justifications now required for urban area security grants provide more information on state spending, official says.

GAO declines to hear protest of Walter Reed competitive sourcing decision

Agency official lacked standing to challenge job contests started prior to January 2005, decision states.

Panel backs enhanced oversight of interagency contracting

Preliminary recommendations direct OMB to provide oversight, but leave authority over the contracts with agencies.

The Trust Factor

Employees who are kept out of the loop feel betrayed and become less productive.

GSA launches review of acquisition rules

Goals include streamlining internal regulations, eliminating duplication with governmentwide rules and reducing burden on small firms.

Intelligence CIO seeks product certification overhaul

Process for validating new technologies should be standardized across agencies, Dale Meyerrose says.

Survey: Employees with dependent care duties are better off teleworking

Freedom to work from home improves the job performance and morale of employees with such responsibilities, study finds.

Investigators close complaint about EPA communications project

Research office director hails IG’s findings, and calls attempt to discredit the effort “anti-science” and “anti-government.”