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Commission suggests elevating NASA to Cabinet status

Overhaul recommendations include turning space agency’s field centers into research facilities.

Defense spending bill delayed, omnibus considered

Almost 200 amendments remain pending to the defense authorization bill.

Legislation would make security key in federal IT purchases

The measure would give OMB greater strength in setting budget guidelines.

FAA says it must hire, train air traffic controllers before retirement wave

Witnesses, legislators express concern over “looming danger,” await FAA report in December.

Budget deal still under negotiation; homeland spending bill moves forward

Conservatives balk at a proposed Senate rule change in fiscal 2005 budget legislation to reinstate "pay/go" offset requirements for three or five years.

Justices limit courts' role in forcing agencies to act

Ruling stops effort to force Bureau of Land Management to move more aggresively to protect western lands from off-road vehicles.

Energy separates contracts for Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore

The University of California will need to enter multiple contests in order to keep running the federal nuclear laboratories.

OPM pushes on-the-spot hiring

But one expert on the subject says direct hiring authority should be used only in limited situations.

Senators seek more funding for HHS inspector general's office

They argue that new Medicare law will overwhelm an office that has had to cut more than 40 jobs in two years because of budget constraints.

Defense Department spends more than $100 million on unused airline tickets

The Pentagon is exercising poor oversight of tickets purchased from central accounts, investigators find.