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“Smart regulations save lives and dollars,” University of Chicago scholar Cass Sunstein wrote in a White House blog recently.

Is 'smart regulation' not?

Obama says he’s revolutionizing government; Romney says the president just wants more government.

Proposed change would make options clearer for wronged whistleblowers

Merit Systems Protection Board recommends sweeping overhaul of policies.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Effective delegation can take some tailoring.

Panetta promises nothing important was leaked for the Bin Laden movie

The Defense chief testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Union proposes commission to help USPS ‘work smarter’

Cash-strapped agency could use objective input on cost-cutting strategies, NALC leader says.

Vice President Joe Biden created the Recovery Implementation Office, which held semiweekly calls with various agencies.

Federal executives will build on Recovery Act successes, report says

New report finds many agencies making permanent the strategies they used to implement stimulus funds.

Powell against military intervention in Syria

Former Secretary of State suggests the U.S. 'work with the international community.'

Everyone has something to lose in D.C.'s leak fever

The crackdowns could backfire on the administration, Congress, and others.

Cues for Consolidators

Consolidation can bring savings, and GAO is helping managers guide the process.