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What Romney's Cabinet might look like

Former Massachusetts governor would be under pressure to stock the government with GOP loyalists.

Members of Obama's cabinet watched the president speak in 2010.

Who might serve in a second Obama administration?

Second-term Cabinet probably wouldn’t look much like the first.

Presidential Humor Pt. 2 – Obama’s Digs at Himself

Obama's best material from joint event where candidates trade jokes, poke fun.

Presidential Humor Pt. 1 – Romney’s Funny Side Revealed

Romney's best material from joint event where candidates trade jokes, poke fun.

Performance pilot launching at Veterans Affairs

National Cemetery Administration to adopt GEAR program in November.

Hillary Clinton is tired of the 'having it all' debate

The Secretary of State says she tries to enable women to do high stress jobs while caring for children.

'An Operational Puzzle:' Preventing Future Plane Crashes

James Cash has spent nearly three decades working to solve, and prevent, plane crashes.

Postal Service hits borrowing limit

Agency can only borrow $15 billion at a time.

Tagg Romney campaigns for his father in Maine.

Tagg Romney: I wanted to 'take a swing' at Obama during debate

GOP candidate's eldest son says his father has been painted as 'someone he's not.'

Video: Americans sum up presidential debate before it happens

Los Angelenos asked who won 'last night's debate' -- four hours before actual event.