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Agencies will help shoulder cost of new embassy construction

Agencies will pay fees to the State Department based on how many staffers they send to embassies abroad.

State Department defends U.S. aid for tsunami victims

U.S. agencies and Pentagon mobilize to provide assistance, say more help is forthcoming.

Reaching the Fairway

A recently retired SES veteran looks to professional golf for his next career.

Use of “official time” for union activities drops

OPM hails 4 percent decrease in on-the-job time spent by labor leaders dealing with union issues.

State of Union address, budget submission slated for early February

Key events in the annual budget cycle will kick off two weeks after President Bush's second-term inauguration.

Administration aims to put its stamp on postal overhaul

Pensions of military veterans working for the service continue to be a sticking point.

New procurement data system to debut at end of month

Revamped Federal Procurement Data System will provide access to 13 million records.

Chilly Atmosphere

The temperature in your office can impact workforce productivity.

Telework slowly catching on, officials say

Agencies slowly are adopting policies and technologies that would allow employees to work away from the office.

More 'plum' jobs available in second Bush administration

New edition of report on political jobs cites an increase in noncompetitive positions.