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Impassioned Biden reassures public workers

'We owe you. You shouldn't be nullified,' the vice president tells AFSCME.

Dempsey maps sequestration cuts at Defense

The Joint Chiefs chairman says the military has 'stretched out the rubber band.'

Deadlines loom for Postal Service retiree health benefit prepayments

Avoiding default hinges on slow-moving congressional reforms.

Obama reorganization plan alive but not necessarily well

Senate action possible this summer, but GOP House may be less enthused.

Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, is among the lawmakers who requested the guidelines.

How to show Congress your program is working

GAO case studies stress agency communication with Capitol Hill staff.

USPS offers part-time work to retired postmasters

Weeks after buyout announcement, relief employees sought.

EPA, GSA perfect students of sustainability

Army Corps of Engineers flunks on OMB-mandated annual report card.

Pearlie Reed

Longtime Agriculture official steps down

Vilsack announces temporary replacement for Pearlie Reed.

A recently deported man waits for shelter assistance in Tijuana, Mexico.

U.S. will stop deporting young illegal immigrants

Obama administration will help them earn work permits instead.