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Homeland Security chief touts progress filling senior positions

FEMA is at its highest staffing level this year, but is still falling short of meeting its hiring goals.

SBA unveils recertification rules for small businesses

Agency will publish score card tracking agencies' progress on meeting small business contracting goals.

House extends continuing resolution to keep funds flowing

Current resolution expires Friday at midnight.

Investigators to launch series of FEMA probes

Auditors at DHS also will look into background checks for building security contractors and efforts to purchase Customs and Border Protection dogs.

Legislators seek longer life for Iraq oversight office

Measures approved by the Senate and introduced in the House would reverse a last-minute termination provision passed before recess.

GOP leaders aim to finish as many spending bills as possible

Emerging option would be to pass up to three more bills, with each becoming the vehicle for two others.

Money matters, leadership elections filling lawmakers' plates

Leaders from both parties have agreed to at least try to finish fiscal 2007 spending bills in lame duck session.

IT security measure may founder in lame-duck Senate

Veterans Affairs’ move to consolidate technology operations addresses much of what was in the bill, Senate spokesman says.

Senators question nominee for chief regulatory post

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, says nominee must distinguish between academic, executive branch roles.

Report: Exposure to weather wrecked FEMA housing units

Agency advised to clarify what situations require the purchase of modular homes and ensure the units are properly packaged and stored.