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Lawmaker urges review of patent approval and re-examination processes

Faster action could have helped resolve the BlackBerry patent dispute before it threatened to disrupt service, House committee leader says.

President's Homeland Security picks get guarded reception

Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection nominees win praise from labor organizations--and some expressions of concern about building sound relationships with employees.

Industry opposes acquisition changes recommended by advisory group

Federal contractors would be subject to confusing terms, hurting competition, coalition says.

DHS asks industry to help secure borders

Homeland Security officials announce an acquisition strategy for first phase of the Secure Border Initiative.

Report details errors in Agriculture financial disclosures

In restating audit results, departments risk eroding public trust, GAO report says.

Defense tech agency boosts telework to prevent exodus

The Defense Information Systems Agency is giving certain employees more chances to work from home, in anticipation of headquarters relocation.

Ethics office seeks to extend post-employment ‘cooling off’ period to all of SES

Move would would widen pool of top officials subject to limits on contacts with their former agencies.

Feds in marine program compensated better than nonfederal counterparts

Differences in salary, annual leave and other benefits cause divisions within Commerce program’s multisector workforce.

Postal Service lobbies against reform bill

Agency says Senate legislation likely to burden Postal Service with employees' military pension costs, limit managerial flexibility.

Senate budget adviser sees DHS funding increase

Senior staffer says it's the "only budget in town that is going to continue to see growth."