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Renovations to Iraqi Civil Defense Headquarters were undertaken after severe looting in 2003.

Iraq reconstruction projects fall back into disrepair

Funding, project management agencies say they have no authority to help Iraqis operate new equipment and maintain refurbished buildings.

Senators to meet on immigration reform

Core issues, such as whether illegal immigrants can earn citizenship without leaving the country, still under discussion.

Union official, FEMA clash over morale issues

Labor leader seeks congressional "rescue" of agency; FEMA spokesman calls statements "worthless."

Labor secretary grilled over 2008 budget

Appropriator also takes department to task for awarding too many non-competitive contracts.

GAO settles pay dispute with 12 of 308 senior analysts

Counsel finds data and calculations used to conduct the employees' performance evaluations were flawed.

Agencies report rise in student loan repayments

Budget limitations and tax liabilities remain obstacles to offering the benefit.

Watchdog: Projects in Iraq at risk for fraud, waste and abuse

Ongoing contract management problems and lack of contractor head count contribute to problems.

Panel backs stronger oversight of Coast Guard fleet upgrade

Bill would effectively end contractor self-certification, which limited the agency's direct control over quality and standards.

OMB requires new acquisition certification for managers

Under three-tier system, program and project managers will get training and certification for procurement-related work.

Fourth Quarter Blues

As this term winds down, career employees must stay in the game.