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Better training needed for emergency purchases, procurement chief says

Interagency contracts and procurement data will receive close scrutiny this year.

Investigators detail fraud, waste in FEMA disaster assistance

Agency is no better prepared today for a large-scale disaster than it was last summer, DHS inspector general says.

Pentagon shifts focus to results in pay-for-performance system

After a self-imposed delay, department marginalizes initial “benchmarks” concept.

Panel supports recommendations to fine-tune small business contracting policies

Advisory group will recommend against cascading procurements.

VA medical system earns high customer satisfaction ratings

Survey fails, however, to capture large number of veterans without access to care.

Pentagon shares some lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina

Faster damage assessments, unified command and control structure to coordinate multiple agencies’ efforts, are needed, Defense officials say.

Budget assumes agencies will collect unlikely amount in fees

Congress may prove reluctant to enact key fee hikes incorporated into the 2007 budget, leaving money even tighter than it appears.

HUD irks managers with bar on teleworking

Policy forbids employees with supervisory responsibilities from working away from the office; other agencies have less strict rules.

White House unveils list of programs slated for cuts

List of 141 programs facing termination or reduction hits hard at Education, Health and Human Services, and Agriculture departments.

Pentagon to finish personnel system tweaks Friday

Working group is nearly done simplifying performance management system.