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Competency Assessments of Would-Be Ambassadors Will Now be Public

State Department will post copies right after the White House submits the nomination.

Etiquette goes beyond just having good table manners.

5 Rules of Etiquette That Still Apply in the Workplace

As personal and professional time run together, some habits are better left at home.

What Any Leader Can Learn from Common Executive Succession Planning Mistakes

The dangers include looking in the rearview mirror instead of the windshield when making big decisions.

fghan women in burqas arrive to take part in a election campaign rally of Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadza in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, Friday, March 28, 2014.

USAID Calls Accusations of Afghanistan Cover-Up 'Offensive'

Inspector general and House members attack 'generalities' on spending and waste.

Boehner: Make It Easier to Fire VA Execs

House speaker gets behind a GOP effort to hold managers more accountable for their job performance.

3 Ways to Build an Agile Workforce

With the right tools, employees can drive change instead of hitting the brakes.

10 Lessons From My Time as Assistant to the Big Boss

Some critical cues for managing up without falling down on the job.

The Best Way to Organize Your Business Communications Is Not to Organize Them at All

An IBM study found that people who do no email organization and rely on search are actually faster at finding emails than those who file them in folders.

The Name Left Out in Obamacare Victory Remarks: Kathleen Sebelius

HHS secretary was there when the president announced enrollment milestone, but did not get mentioned.