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USPS must pay for retirees now or later, GAO says

Agency faces stark choices in balancing short-term needs and long-term obligations.

New committee will review federal travel policies

First item on the agenda? Per-diem rates.

Obama orders end to pay freeze in spring

Move would end two-year prohibition on across-the-board increases.

Analysis: Is Chuck Hagel being punished for stance on Iraq?

For too many lawmakers, a Defense Secretary Hagel would be a nagging reminder of what they got wrong.

Treasury Department

How to delay a national default in 3 steps

Treasury can take certain actions to buy a little more time.

Bob Perciasepe

Who will succeed Jackson as EPA head?

Here are six possible candidates for the job.

What happens If we go over the fiscal cliff?

A number of cringe-inducing provisions go into effect in the New Year and beyond.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner

When will the US actually hit its debt ceiling?

Treasury Secretary Geithner can take 'extraordinary measures' to buy another month or two.

Thomas D'Agostino, Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration

NNSA chief to step down

Thomas D'Agostino led the semiautonomous branch of Energy for five and a half years.