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Pentagon to civilians: get departmentwide experience

Under new initiative, managers and executives will need to work in various organizations to compete for high-level jobs.

Forget About Perks

Federal executives should seek no greater reward than honest, humble service.

Push to restore FEMA independence questioned

DHS inspector general cautions against simply "transferring the problem."

Senators critical of Energy Department’s nuclear weapons spending

Lawmakers express concerns about efficiency, signal they are considering a funding cut.

DHS official says next FEMA chief needs credentials

Emergency management experience could come from a variety of jobs, including law enforcement and firefighting, preparedness chief says.

Homeland Security grapples with management vacancies

Several senior management positions are open, notably ones critical to disaster response and terrorism prevention.

AFGE takes vote of ‘no confidence’ in Defense leadership

Union officials say Pentagon should abandon contested labor relations plan and collaborate on new measures.

Mineta rules out imposing general aviation user fees

At hearing on transportation budget, lawmaker opposes proposal to turn over decision-making to a third party if there is an impasse in FAA labor negotiations.

Ex-FEMA director: Restore agency's independence

In an interview, Michael Brown says disaster response agency gets “short shrift” next to the Homeland Security Department’s anti-terrorism activities.

Outgoing EPA inspector general tells of search for accountability

Nikki Tinsley also pushes for change in salary rules that restrict IGs’ earnings potential.