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Panel presses administration to hire 3,000 temporary firefighters

Western states are struggling to deal with the latest wildfire outbreak.

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Postal Service overhaul clears first hurdle

House Government Reform Committee unanimously approves biggest overhaul of postal operations in more than 30 years.

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Paperwork reduction plan progresses

House committee members target the IRS, which accounts for more than 80 percent of federal regulatory paperwork.

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Senate leader seeks to increase Pentagon's supplemental request

Emergency fiscal 2005 funds for Iraq and Afghanistan could total as much as $50 billion, and the Pentagon could have the flexibility to shift money between ...

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Safety concerns ground large firefighting air tankers

Probe into three crashes concludes that incomplete maintenance records make it impossible to determine the airworthiness of the fleet of retired military ...

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Delivering Your Message

Put the mouse down and back away from your desk.

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Safety assessments released on four NASA projects

A safety center created in the aftermath of the space shuttle Columbia disaster has released its first assessments on four high-profile National Aeronautics ...

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Budget negotiations remain gridlocked

Senate GOP moderates withhold support for the latest budget plan.

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Nuclear agency managers among diploma mill users

National Nuclear Security Administration officials said Tuesday that the bogus degrees would not affect the managers' job status.

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Senator challenges USDA mad cow testing plan

Sen. Tom Harkin, R-Iowa, says the Agriculture Department's plan to increase the number of animals tested is not statistically valid.

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