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After Blackwater

There are few options if the besieged security contractor is phased out of Iraq.

Keeping It Real

More and more agencies have hopped on the blogging bandwagon. From concept to execution, here’s how they did it.

The Good Fight

Dispatches from opposite sides of the debate about religion in the workplace.

Real-Time Buying

Agencies work to link procurement with their financial and business systems.

The Benefits of Benefits

The extras are nice, but maybe federal agencies should focus on what really attracts talent.

Rising Expectations

The start of a new union at GAO could change the labor landscape for white-collar feds.

Gen X Execs

The next generation of federal executives has begun its ascent.

Cyber Wars

As attackers hack government computer networks across the globe, the Pentagon seeks the best defense.

Virtually There

Any place anywhere can be modeled and used for training online.

Shadow IT

Unauthorized software on government PCs is on the rise. Resisting it is futile. Managing it isn’t.