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Why the U.S. Government Never, Ever Has to Pay Back All Its Debt

Governments really can, and do, borrow forever.

Video: How Do Astronauts Wash Their Hands in Space?

"You float a ball of water in front of yourself."

What the Heck is Operational Efficiency?

We’ve got a question for you.

Hillary Clinton says goodbye to the State Department

This will Clinton's first time out of office in more than 20 years.

President Obama's choice to lead the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel on key Defense issues

Nominee speaks on the workforce, leadership, budget, contracting and more.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice

John Kerry got his job as the Susan Rice scandal was still unfolding

Obama offered Kerry the position a week before Rice withdrew her name from contention.

TSA’s bomb-sniffing dogs could be doing more, report finds

The canines are absent at the highest-risk airports, GAO says.

Seven ways to look at US Energy Secretary Steve Chu’s resignation and legacy

The Nobel-prize-winning physicist symbolized the Obama administration’s belief in science.

How Men Can Help Women Succeed in the Military

Everyone knows about army wives—now we need a new generation of army husbands.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. giving his last speech as senator, Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013, on the floor of the Senate. (AP Photo/CSPAN2)

15 Great Leadership Lessons From John Kerry's Senate Farewell

John Kerry offers poignant wisdom from 28 years in the United States Senate.