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Agencies urged to develop teleworker corps for emergency situations

Updated emergency preparedness guides stress need for plans to keep the government running.

September 1, 2004 Leave a comment

OPM retools management awards program

Changes are designed to align the President's Quality Awards to the Bush administration’s five management goals.

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Offshore corporations could have edge in contracts

Report says contractors in tax havens pay less in federal taxes, giving them a potential advantage in bidding for federal contracts.

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Poll finds government falling in public’s esteem

The portion of Americans expressing a positive view of the government fell by seven percentage points in the past year, a Gallup survey finds.

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Medicare officials seek to boost use of discount drug cards

Many angry seniors are refusing to even try out the new system.

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Administration renews focus on reducing improper payments

OMB pledges greater attention to cutting payment errors and weighs setting new audit requirements.

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Active Management

Few government handbooks actually describe, with verbs, what managers can do to improve their agencies' performance.

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Agency pushing Los Alamos to resume projects too soon, critics say

Watchdog group charges that the safety overseer wants to relax precautions.

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Agencies misuse classification authority, managers say

Officials tell lawmakers that at least 50 percent of all classified documents should be made public.

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EPA slow to carry out plan for improving grants management

Guidelines for measuring environmental benefits from grant money were due last year.

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