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Investigators: FBI not wrong to dismiss complaint about Foley

Justice Department inspector general attributes “misinformation” in press reports to internal misunderstandings.

GSA aims to raise mileage reimbursement in February

Rate would rise by 4 cents per mile, assuming the Office of Management and Budget OKs proposed hike.

House bill would boost power of DHS privacy chief

Language would give top privacy official subpoena power and authority to report directly to Congress.

Officials move toward year-long requests for extra war funding

Risk is that the Pentagon may be unable to produce accurate estimates of how much it will need for the longer span.

Treasury cancels request for help offloading contracting shop

Agency officials will not say whether divestiture effort has been called off altogether.

Questions arise over GSA chief and contracting irregularities

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif., launches an investigation.

Questions remain about measure to fund agencies until October

Democrats plan to give most domestic agencies the amount enacted for last year, leaving about $3 billion to redirect to programs in need.

Lawmaker asks overseers to agree on meaning of ‘waste’

Common definition would be precursor to estimating wasteful spending on Iraq reconstruction.

Commissioner leaves SSA after six years

Jo Anne Barnhart focused on reforming the disability claims process.

Senators take new look at Interior royalties blunder

Issue revolves around Minerals Management Service failure to include price thresholds for royalty payments in leases granted in 1998 and 1999.