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Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced plans to pare back the service’s operations, investments and deployments Saturday.

Pentagon Releases Further Sequestration Guidance

Support for congressional travel, Blue Angels shows and tuition assistance to face the budget axe.

Obama spoke to the news media before a meeting of his Cabinet Monday.

The 6 Species of Secretaries That Will Define Obama's Term

The president has picked most of his cabinet. Here's how they all fit into his second term.

Paul Ryan's New Budget Promises Don't Add Up

A balanced budget and a Medicare voucher system is not possible, the math suggests.

Obama and Boehner met in 2011 to discuss the debt in the White House's Cabinet Room.

Adult Leadership Required to Clean Up the Mess in Washington

“Muddy steps” analogy reveals why voters want Obama and Boehner to stop acting like kids.

Senator to USDA: Cancel Wine Tastings Before Furloughing Food Inspectors

Republican says conferences should be cut before employee salaries.

What If the Pundits Are Right After All? A Comment on Polarization and Sorting

Last week, Molly Ball reported on political scientist Morris Fiorina's paper highlighting common errors pundits make. Alan Abramowitz argues that one of Fiorina's claims misses the mark.

Gina McCarthy, President Obama's pick to head the EPA

Republicans Take Aim at Obama’s EPA Nominee

Most energy observers expect McCarthy to be confirmed, but her nomination still sets the stage for high drama.

Obama introduced nominess, from left, Ernest Moniz, Gina McCarthy and Sylvia Mathews Burwell Monday.

Obama’s Pick for Budget Director Greeted Warmly, If Politically

Sylvia Mathews Burwell’s nomination renews GOP calls for debt reduction.