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NIH Is Curious About Differences in How Male and Female Mice React to Drugs

$10.1 million study will give 82 grant recipients the opportunity to study whether or not drugs, treatments, and diseases influence the sexes differently.

Wait, Do You Really Need to Print That?

Agencies could save more than $300 million in printing costs by changing employee behavior.

Michael Masters, Cook County's executive director for the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

Cook County Homeland Security Director Discusses the ‘Bedrock’ of Planning

This week, Michael Masters addressed the City Club of Chicago about emergency response and preparedness.

Amazing True Stories of the Bureaucracy!

For one night a year, government’s unsung heroes take center stage.

President Obama Praises Syria Coalition and Warns Extremists 'Plotting' Against America

The president made a brief statement on Monday night's strikes against ISIS and the Khorasan Group in Syria.

How I Lead: Addressing the Root Cause of Problems, Not Just the Symptoms

A conversation with Laura Herrin, a manager at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

Can Rand Paul's Brand Play in San Francisco?

The Kentucky Republican and likely presidential candidate "is in the process" of opening an office in the Bay Area.

Report: The Federal Consumer Watchdog Has Data on Up to 600 Million Credit-Card Accounts

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is designed as a hedge against abusive business practices, but its bulk information collection is under fire.

Obama Is Pushing Climate-Change Resilience, but He's Not Promising New Carbon Cuts

In a speech Tuesday, the president will announce that the U.S. will make international aid resilient to global warming.

Mental Routines for the Mindful Road Warrior

How to stay clear and focused on business travel.