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Former FBI officials decry bureau management

Whistleblowers say bureau is plagued with mismanagement that hampers national security and counterterrorism investigations.

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Senate confirms Gutierrez as Commerce secretary

CEO of Kellogg Co. will replace Donald Evans, a close confidant of President Bush.

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Law could cut security clearance backlog by September, House chair says

Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis, R-Va., calls for action on "huge problem" that has “cost the government likely hundreds of millions of dollars.”

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Merit vs. Race

Performance rating numbers don't always tell the real story.

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GPO revises policy for restricting public access to documents

New policy requires the printing office to consult with an agency several times before restricting public access to information.

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OPM to set up centralized personnel records system

Web-based records management system is slated to save $740 million over the next 10 years.

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Senate to take up Bush Cabinet nominations

Senators will likely spend most of next week weighing Bush nominees--including a full day of debate on Condoleezza Rice's nomination to be Secretary of State.

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