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TSA administrator Peter Neffenger testifies at a confirmation hearing in June 2015.

TSA Chief Promises More Staffing, Better Accountability

Committee members grill administrator, but suggest he’s moving in the right direction.

A Legal Victory Against Obamacare

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., ruled against the Obama administration’s method of funding a major Affordable Care Act subsidy.

DHS Inspector General John Roth. The executive director of a nonprofit asked Roth to investigate CBP's revenue collection practices.

Is Customs and Border Protection Foregoing Billions in Fees?

Nonprofit asks DHS watchdog to probe collections on imports.

A U.S. Border Patrol Agent wears a black stripe over his badge during the 22nd Annual Blue Mass ceremony kicking off National Police Week at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Washington, May 3.

Law Enforcement Employees Don’t Trust Agencies To Heed Input On Improving Federal Workplace

Employees working outside of Washington have even less confidence leaders will listen to their concerns.

OPM Risks Paying Workers’ Comp for Employees Who Are No Longer Injured

Watchdog recommends that OPM take a more active role in verifying eligibility for long-term benefits.

How to Build a More Productive Life Every Day

Experimenting with different routines until you find one that helps you think more deeply.

Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., has introduced a similar bill in the Senate.

Federal Cops Can Pack Heat On Furlough Under House-Passed Bill

Legislation allows law enforcement to carry their service guns during involuntary furloughs.

Five Ways To Be A Clueless Manager

Your subordinates aren’t going to stick their necks out to tell you how you’re screwing up.