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Interim SEA President Jason Briefel

Senior Executives Association Names New Interim President

Jason Briefel is the organization’s second temporary leader since November.

Before NASA Could Land on the Moon, the Soviet Union Had to Crash Land There

Crashing is seldom a good idea. But sometimes it has to be done.

At her confirmation hearing Thursday, Beth Cobert said she would strengthen the agency’s cybersecurity and information technology systems.

OPM’s Cobert Confronts Subpoena En Route to Confirmation

Senators and House members play tag team seeking more documents on cyber breach.

An aerial View of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The Story of the Former Fed Who Tried to Launch a Cyberattack on Nuclear Scientists

He sent emails he thought were infected with viruses to Energy Department employees involved in developing nuclear weapons.

Government Reorganization 2016: No Magic Wand

With public trust at an all-time low, is there any appetite for overhauling government?

Obama Criticizes Islamophobia and Jabs at Republicans at Baltimore Mosque

Making his first visit to a mosque in the U.S. amid unprecedented fear in the Islamic community, the president preached inclusion and criticized Republicans, but also called on Muslims to fight extremism.

State Department Leaders Inaugurate New ‘Lessons Learned’ Center

Foreign Service Institute offshoot will prepare diplomats for a complex future.

Ethiopia's Simien Mountains National Park is shown during the dry season.

The U.S. Predicted the Ethiopian Food Crisis Months Ago

A USAID program can predict food insecurity before it occurs. But the warnings aren’t always heeded.