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Avoid Getting Caught in the Quagmire of Key Performance Indicators

Searching for the ‘best KPI’ is just another substitute for thinking.

OMB Tells Agencies to Prepare for Possible Shutdown

White House budget office says conference call held out of "abundance of caution."

Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-La., is pushing the measure.

Ban on Executive Oil Portraits Extended in Spending Bill

Rep. Cassidy, a senator-elect, wins another temporary cost-saving prohibition.

Baseball is one of the few industries where left-handed people make less money.

Why Lefties Make Less

They've been subtly discriminated against since biblical times, but modern data suggests a significant gap in earnings.

Here is One Simple Trick to End Your Inbox Insanity

Clarification is the trick to maximizing your email.

Play of the Day: In Its Defense, The U.S. Is 'Awesome'

Fox News tries a redirect on the torture report's release and Stephen Colbert takes note.

Take This Critical First Step to Boosting Employee Engagement

Leaders should start by offering career development programs.

Interviews Show the Secret History of the Clinton White House

In newly released interviews, members of Bill Clinton's administration remember his greatest strengths, toughest moments, and worst foibles.