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House Votes for VA to Clean Up Its Management

Bill would prevent VA leaders from "beating each other over the heads," lawmaker says.

OPM Retirement Backlog Balloons Again in October

Agency says training, lack of overtime funding have hampered processing efforts.

Homeland Security Advised to Clarify Roles in Immigration Enforcement

Watchdog warns of inefficiencies and threats to public safety.

Eight Questions to Ask Yourself to Know If You’re In The Right Job

Quora's VP of people has some advice about how to know if you are in the right position.

USDA Rebuts Author’s Critique of Trump Transition

Vanity Fair’s Michael Lewis wrote a scathing narrative about the “stunningly unqualified” political leadership at the department.

What It Will Take To Keep Trump Tweeting From Behind China’s Great Firewall

China's censorship machine doesn't really apply to the U.S. president.

The White House’s New Climate-Change Report Directly Conflicts Trump’s Stance

The National Climate Assessment makes clear that climate change is manmade. Trump and many of his inner circle are adamant climate-change deniers.

Obama’s Four Rules For Persuading People and Effecting Real Change

"When you disagree, don't be disagreeable," is one of them.

The Hiring Bias Toward Attractive People Is Way More Complicated Than We Thought

"Are attractive people more likely to get hired? Not always, a new study suggests.

USDA undersecretary for research nominee Sam Clovis withdrew his name after it was revealed that he, as co-chairman of Trump’s campaign, was aware of foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos’s efforts to engage with Russian officials.

Appointee Watch: Agriculture Nominee Withdraws, Fed Chair Nominated, and More

More ambassadorial nominees announced amid Trump comments on vacancies at State.