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First Lady Betty Ford, left, stands surrounded by signs supporting Pres. Gerald Ford and Ronald Regan at the nominating session of the 1976 GOP convention.

A Field Guide to the Delegate-Hunting Season

If the GOP ends up in a brokered convention, the party might want to brush up on its 1976 contest—and the fine arts of groveling and goading.

These NASA Inventions Save Thousands of Lives on Earth

You can thank the agency for personal locator beacons.

A Marine enrolled in Officer Candidate School low-crawls under a barbed wire obstacle on the Montford Point Challenge obstacle course at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.

How a Marine Confronts Fear, and Overcomes It

You’re not special—everyone’s afraid of something.

Why Aren't Intelligent People Happier?

It’s a paradox: Shouldn’t the most accomplished be well equipped to make choices that maximize life satisfaction?

Who Was the First Woman Depicted on American Currency?

Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill, but who came before her?

How to Make Smart, Timely Decisions

Some advice for the next president and his or her team.

A Study Suggests Mindfulness Is Not Quite As Miraculous As We’ve Been Led To Believe

"When negative results are reported, they are often “spun” so that they appear to be equivocal or even positive finding.”

Teddy Roosevelt's Contested Convention

For the 26th president's supporters, forcibly wresting political control away from the party bosses was always an acceptable option.

Silicon Valley at sunset.

The Pentagon Is Dodging the Real Issue on Innovation

Instead of creating another set-aside program for high-tech companies, it needs to create a more innovation-friendly acquisition system.