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Physicians, Heal Yourselves: Why VA Reform Must Come From Inside

The bill Congress passed last week is a good start, but it's not enough to turn the troubled bureaucracy around on its own.

Men Die Young—And It’s Costing the U.S. $479 Billion a Year

The gender health disparity has persisted in the face of significant health gains around the world over the last 40 years.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, says the case shows the system for investigating IGs is broken.

One Agency Paid an Employee $400K to Sit on the Sidelines

Archives IG retires after a two-year investigation finds he made offensive racial and sexual comments.

The CDC Is Using Twitter to Explain Ebola to the Masses

The health organization is condensing warnings and guidelines into 140-character snippets in a Monday chat.

One Habit Hack That Works: Hit the Showers

You don’t have to meditate like a monk to benefit from mindfulness.

The Vice President was sworn in wearing actual clothes in 2009.

In Defense of Naked Joe Biden

The political press is tittering over the idea of the vice president skinny-dipping—and missing the real news in a forthcoming book on his Secret Service detail.

Richard Nixon campaigns in Philadelphia in 1968.

Nixon Is Gone, but His Media Strategy Lives On

Forty years after Watergate, presidential suspicion of reporters and attempts to keep the press at arm's length remain high.

Senators Seek to Protect 15,000 Postal Jobs

Lawmakers, unions and managers disagree on service impacts of consolidations.

Watson, the IBM Supercomputer, Might Replace the Loudmouth in Your Meetings

Watson was able to make further suggestions on companies to eliminate from the group of potential targets, essentially generating a shortlist.

James Brady with his wife, Sarah, on the 30th anniversary of the assassination attempt.

Former White House Press Secretary James Brady Passes Away

Brady became an advocate for gun control after being paralyzed in an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.