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Lady Bird Johnson reinvented the First Lady position in the 1960s.

What's the Point of a First Lady?

Fifty years ago, Lady Bird Johnson transformed the role of presidential spouse from hostess to political powerhouse, but the job is due for another reinvention.

A hand-washing station at the airport in Sierra Leone.

White House to America: Calm Down About a Domestic Ebola Outbreak

Officials say that unlike the affected West African nations, the U.S. is equipped to handle a potential epidemic.

The 8 Worst Behavioral Archetypes on Executive Teams

How to keep the absentee, the frog and others from sinking your strategy.

Did Budget Cuts Cause the Secret Service Failures?

Independent review likely will focus on White House safety and agency culture, not money.

​Designing a Test Worth Teaching To

Performance targets aren’t always perfect, but they’re necessary.

CDC Director Tom Frieden addressed the media Wednesday on the disease.

If Ebola Spreads, How Close Are You to a CDC Quarantine Station?

The agency has 20 facilities to help stop outbreaks of deadly contagious diseases in the United States.

The Federal Jobs Picture Isn't Nearly as Rosy as the Overall Jobs Picture

Uncle Sam’s workforce remained more or less flat in September.

Patient Treated for Ebola-Like Symptoms in Washington

The patient recently traveled from Nigeria.

3 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Boosting morale is about more than financial incentives.

Does Testosterone Make People Greedy?

A new study ties the infamous hormone to antisocial behavior.