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Hard Bargain

Unions hustle to attract new members as labor loses clout in personnel reforms.

March 16, 2005 Leave a comment

Defense buildings remain closed after anthrax scare

Despite false alarm, Defense and postal workers still critical of emergency procedures.

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GSA moves ahead with reorganization

Under the proposed restructuring, the Federal Supply Service would merge with the Federal Technology Service.

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Anthrax alarm closes three mail facilities

An initial test on material from a Pentagon mail center turned up positive for anthrax.

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OMB pushes measurement of contract costs, performance

"Earned value management" compares actual cost, planned cost and output.

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Smooth confirmation process seen for NASA nominee

Johns Hopkins University physicist Michael D. Griffin would succeed Sean O'Keefe, who resigned in December.

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Shift to moon-Mars focus affects 2,680 NASA jobs

About 15 percent of civil service workforce will be transferred or paid to leave by end of fiscal 2006.

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Government Reform Committee backs federal program reviews

Bill gives OMB the authority to decide how to conduct reviews.

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Bolstering Buyers

Federal procurement chief David Safavian wants to give the acquisition workforce a shot in the arm.

March 9, 2005 Leave a comment