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Examining The Human Connectome Project

A look at the NIH-supported effort that’s aimed at revealing the “symphony” that’s happening at the speed of thought within our brains every second of every day.

What Time Does the Sequester Start?

So, since nobody is trying to stop it, when does the sequester actually begin?

Gary Mead, associate director for enforcement and removal operations at ICE

Planned DHS Resignation Inspires an Hour of Political Fury

Gary Mead's unfortunately timed notice is sucked into sequester firestorm.

The 3 Essential Things Great Leaders Understand

From presidents to generals, reflections gleaned from a career working around great leaders.

OSHA inspectors work in Brooklyn, New York.

OSHA Will Not Furlough Employees

Labor agency is freezing hiring and bonuses to comply with impending budget cuts.

Federal Conference Spending Is in Decline, Lawmakers Told

Government saves $2 billion on travel and conferences since 2010.

Giving a Team Presentation? 3 Things Co-Presenters Need to Do

Avoid the awkwardness of presenting with others by following these three tips.

The Justice Department  already has issued formal furlough notices to individual employees.

OMB: Some Agencies Could Begin Furloughs in March

At least two organizations already have issued formal furlough notices to employees.

Al Gore to Headline Excellence in Government in May

The former Vice President returns to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Reinventing Government movement.

Next up for Agencies: Bargaining Over Furloughs

Most feds expect they will have trouble making ends meet if furloughed due to sequester, union says.